Thursday, December 29, 2011

The New York Times is wrong.

The New York Times has always been one of the biggest anti-gun media outlets, but you'd think that with guns now being the "in" think, they'd at least put a little more thought into their gun articles.

Take for example, this glaring error, not even a full paragraph in:
No one knows how many more firearms were purchased through the gun-show loophole that enables black marketeering.

First, there is no "gun show loophole". The private sale of a firearm from one person to another is explicitly excluded in the word of the law from being subject to background checks. That is not a loophole. With that being said, second, private sales of firearms are legal. Therefore, there is no "black marketeering". If there is any "black marketeering" going on, (i.e: knowingly selling a firearm to a prohibited person), there is no "loophole" that protects the seller or buyer. Both have broken the law, plain and simple.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our security theater has become a dark comedy.

The TSA, like all the other government alphabet soup agencies, isn't known for it's common sense or critical thinking skills.

Let's think about this logically. If someone were intent on taking a gun onto an airplane, are they going to keep it in plain site, stuck to the side of a bag? And that's ignoring the fact that the gun stuck on the bag isn't even the size of a real gun.

This is a prime example of good, old fashioned, bureaucratic stupidity. And what is an act of stupidity without it's peanut gallery cheering it on? I was going to repost some of her more idiotic comments and rip them apart here, but then I realized there are just too many. Seriously... Between her and Baldr Odinson, you've gotta have a pair of waders.

Is help really just a phone call away?

Apparently not. Just because you call 911, it doesn't mean the person on the other end is working in your best interests:

REDDING, Calif. -- On Oct., 21 Donna Hopper's life changed forever. She was scared by a man trying to break into her Redding home so she got her gun and when the intruder started coming in she shot and killed him


Hearing Hopper sobbing and shaken, the operator works to keep her calm, as Redding Police rush to the house. Hopper fired two shots, but it was not enough to scare him off.

DH: He's coming back. I can see his shadow.

911: Okay. Where is he at?

Dh: (Sobs)

911: Donna?

DH: Just a minute. He's coming in to my front yard.Oh God. He's coming through the window. I'm gonna shoot him again!

911: No. Uh, ma'am. Don't.

You can follow the link and listen to the entire 911 call.

My take: If someone is bad/bol/drunk/drugged-up enough to be shot at twice and still continue breaking into your house, it's a good idea to shoot them, because I don't think they're coming into have tea and cakes with you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One very dumb criminal.

Mugger picks wrong victim: MMA fighter

“At that moment, he backs up the gun and he racks it,” Justin recalled. “The gun jammed. He racked it a second time. He ejected the bullet on the ground. He went down and grabbed the bullet and said, ‘Look, m-----f-----, it’s a hollow point. I’ll blow your brains out.’”

It's not picking on an MMA fighter that made this criminal dumb. I've seen quite a few "expert fighters" come out on the losing side of a fight with a less experienced opponent.

It's the fact that he doesn't know a proper failure drill that makes him dumb. Not a single gun fighting course recommends that after clearing a failure, you pick up the ejected cartridge and hold it up as an example of the potential damage you may inflict upon your adversary.

And here is my favorite line of the story:
“I wasn’t scared because I’m trained,” Justin explained.

The moral of this story is that in a crisis, no one rises to the occasion. They only fall back to their last successful level of training.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another sad tale from Bizarro World.

via HuffPo
A catering chef was almost banned from buying two limes - because they could be classed as a weapon.

Chef Marisa Zoccolan, 31, popped into the new Asda supermarket close to her home in Wallsend, North Tyneside, for groceries and a couple of the offending fruits.
But when she tried to pay for them at the self-service checkout, the message 'amount exceeded, authorisation required' flashed up.
An assistant then came over and told her that more than one lime was deemed a weapon - because the citric acid could be squirted in someone's eye.

This is where the gun controller/banner mentality eventually leads. When they run out of guns to ban/control, they'll move to air guns, knives, large sticks, and eventually citrus fruits. In fact, I fully expect the UK to eventually ban stern looks. Stupidity has no limits.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scott Brown goes left.

From HuffPo: Scott Brown Comes Out Against NRA-Backed Legislation.

When he was elected, I warned:

Looks like he will continue to be the typical east coast RINO in the same vain as Romney and Steele.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"...socially responsible usage."

From the comment section of the latest Fudd screed:
Its common sense that we enact liquor control laws in much the same way that it is common sense that we enact gun control laws that celebrate and protect socially responsible usage (ie target practice, and hunting) but which restrict those items which have no responsible use (ie military grade weapons, large capacity magazines, and other weapons whose only realistic purpose is killing large amounts of things quickly).

Is there no "socially responsible way" to use "military grade weapons, large capacity magazines, and other weapons whose only realistic purpose is killing large amounts of things quickly"?

If I recall correctly, more people are injured/killed in one season of hunting than at all the machine gun shoots around the country combined. So which weapons are truly socially responsible?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carolyn McCarthy is all of a sudden concerned about state rights.

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My question to her: Where was the concern for states rights during the 2004 Assault Weapons Ban that you campaigned so hard for? If a state has the "right" to determine who can and can't legally carry a concealed firearm, then don't they also have the right to determine who can and can't own an "assault weapon" or a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shooting in Brooklyn reveals a couple of problems.

via the New York Post:
A pregnant 34-year-old Brooklyn woman walking home with her child from school was fatally shot as she bravely shielded hers and other children when gunfire erupted on a Brownsville street today.
Bullets also struck an 11-year-old girl and a 31-year-old woman who was walking out of P.S./I.S. 298 with her own kids right after dismissal at about 2:35 p.m., authorities said.

1. The most obvious problem is that New York's strong gun laws and New York City's even stronger gun laws did not work. Licensing, registration, magazine limits, extraneous background checks... They all failed.

2. New York City's defacto prohibition on carrying firearms for self-defense ensured that the shooter had a target rich environment. The New York City government did their best to make sure that there was absolutely no chance that anyone could fire back and in turn force him to abandon his "mission".

3. Gangs are the problem, not people who go through the process of getting vetted and licensed to carry a gun, Mr. Schneiderman.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The first success of CA's open carry ban.

Thanks to CA's open carry ban, "untrained, unscreened, self-appointed vigilantes" can no longer carry guns. Only criminals can openly carry guns. Thank you, Dallas Stout, president of the California chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

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Congrats California for banning open carry.

You've made yourself a safer state.

Thanks to Gov. Moonbeam, street urchins such as the below are free to beat up people at their leisure without the fear of having their feelings hurt by seeing an openly carried gun.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The wages of Mexican gun control.

When you lose your right to arms, guess which right you lose next?

Tortured, disemboweled and hung from a bridge for tweeting: Couple killed by Mexican drug cartel as gruesome warning to bloggers who 'snitch' online:

A couple have been found hanging from a bridge in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo after being disembowelled and mutilated by attackers.

The motive for the gruesome attack was to warn social media users not to criticise Mexican drug cartels on the internet.

Next to the battered bodies was a sign reading: ‘This is going to happen to all those posting funny things on the internet, You better (expletive) pay attention. I’m about to get you.’

The Mexican people have been rendered defenseless in their own country, leaving them to live at the whim of the narco-terrorists. This is the CSGV's "monopoly of force" theory in action. Unfortunately, their theory does not take into account a corrupt and/or inept government such as the Mexican government.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

When the pot calls the kettle black.

If I recall correctly, the gun banners/controllers are all for "states rights" (states don't have rights to begin with) when it comes to the latest anti-gun piece of legislation.

A Mexican city with a better understanding of the 2A than Chicago.

via CNN

Garcia, Mexico (CNN) -- Officials in a northern Mexican city plagued by violence say a new course will take a fresh approach toward protecting citizens: Training people to handle and shoot guns.

The aim of the approach, says Garcia Mayor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, is putting a stop to crime in the 40,000-person city in Nuevo Leon state.


Garcia's program is not the first citizen-defense proposal in Nuevo Leon state involving weapons. State lawmakers are also studying a proposal that would relax weapons restrictions there.

Take note Chicago: This is how you fight crime. You make it easier for people to protect themselves. Not harder by requiring a gun permit to go to the gun range, yet requring a trip to the gun range to get a permit.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bloombergia: 31 people shot citywide in 48 hours

In one of the bloodiest weekends in recent city history, 31 people were brutally shot in roughly 48 hours this weekend -- including three kids at a house party-turned-shooting gallery in The Bronx.
25 people had been shot as of Sunday night, but by early Monday morning, six more people were shot in three separate incidents in Brooklyn.
Four people were shot at 12:45 a.m. at what appeared to be a barbecue on East 54th Street. One of the victims, 18-year-old Tyrief Gary, has died. The other three are in stable condition.

Apparently, someone changed the title of the article from the unflattering "Bullet Fest in the Big Apple" to it's current "31 people shot citywide in 48 hours".

It appears that America's Mayor Against Guns has some housekeeping to do. Perhaps he should stop sending goon squads around the country to spy on gun shows and instead put some of those boots on his own streets.

UPDATE: It's now 46 people shot. Some just a few blocks from Bloomberg himself.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gun control leads to stupidity.

The institution of irrationality as law eventually leads to stupidity replacing common sense.

via the NRA-ILA:
London schoolchildren are eligible to receive 125,000 free tickets to Olympic events -- but they were initially disallowed from using the tickets for shooting events.

An unidentified source told the London Evening Standard, "We decided it would not be appropriate. It's the only sport children will not be able to go to as part of the Ticketshare scheme." And Danny Bryan, founder of Communities Against Gun and Knife Crime, said, "It is good kids should enjoy the Games but there's no way we should glorify guns."

Apparently, the fear is that children are going to see some guy poke a hole in a piece of paper with a target pistol and say to his/herself, "Gee, I oughta go out and shoot some people."

As crazy as that sounds, that has become acceptable logic in Sarah Brady Paradise. That is what happens when you allow the purely emotion and fear driven argument of "commonsense gun control" go unchecked.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A hero or a liability?

DETROIT -- A 16-year-old was killed Friday during a gun battle inside a Detroit McDonald's, Local 4 has learned.
Sources said the teen tried robbing the fast food restaurant, which is on Six Mile Road near Livernois Avenue, by jumping over the counter but was confronted by a retired police officer who was also inside.
Detroit Police Lt. Dwane Blackman said the teen and retired officer were both armed and exchanged more than a dozen shots. The teen was killed.
No one else inside was hurt.

Dead criminal? Check.
No injured innocents? Check.

Sounds like a hero to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A cop who gets it.

From a law enforcement officer on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Daniel Harless:

“One of the things I love about living in Texas is the Texas Castle Law,” Ingram said.

“I can guarantee you that if someone breaks into my house, I’m going to shoot him,” he said.

“I really mean what I said, if burglars don’t want to get shot, then they need to stop breaking into people’s homes,” said the Sheriff.

Amen, Sheriff. We need more like you and fewer like Daniel Harless in law enforcement.

Monday, August 15, 2011

More trouble in Sarah Brady Paradise.

Six Killed In Knife Attack On British Island
LONDON -- A man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of stabbing six people to death, including three children, on the British island of Jersey in what was the deadliest crime in the community's living memory, police said.

Naturally the victims were disarmed by their government. I thought these types of mass killings were supposed to stop when you ban guns because guns make it so easy to kill lots of people very quickly? I guess not. Well, one thing gun bans do ensure is that the victims are as defenseless as possible.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trouble in Sarah Brady Paradise?

After reading about and watching the riots, I have to wonder how many business owners, shopkeepers, and various other property owners said to themselves, "I'm sure glad the government doesn't allow me to own or use a gun for defense."

And to imagine, it all started out as an exercise in gun control.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A happier place?

And apparently know nothing about history.

via The Independent fact the world would be a different and happier place if guns were few and their possession a matter of strict official control.

A. C. Grayling's ideal world wouldn't be a happier place. It would be a place where where the strong ("properly constituted, trained and controlled agencies of governments" as he calls them) are free to do as they please to the weak (that's the rest of us). Grayling's world where "guns are few and their possession a matter of strict official control" does exist though. More often than not, in third world hell holes where ethnic cleansing is a part of daily life and the machete is the weapon of choice against those to be cleansed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First rule of wilderness survival: Have a gun.

via WaPo

A group of seven teens learning survival skills in the Alaskan wilderness were attacked by a grizzly bear with her cub Saturday evening. Four of the teens were injured, two badly.
The students were participating a 30-day backpacking course run by NOLS. The course is offered to students 16 and older, according to the school’s Web site , and promises participants will “become a seasoned wilderness traveler, learning how to read a map, navigate off trail, and scan the horizon for grizzly bears, black bears, moose, wolves, and Dall sheep.” The teens were hiking without an instructor because they had reached a point in the course when students set out alone.

Yet they didn't bother to include instruction in carrying and using a firearm for defense against said bears and wolves. Can they really claim this course teaches survival skills when one of the core skills of survival (self-defense) is left out?

Of course, there are those who think it's a crazy idea to carry a gun in the wilderness.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Common Sense" gun control works?

Surely you've heard the news by now.

Here is a quick summary on Norwegian gun laws:
  • Licensing.
  • Registration.
  • Ban on "Big Boomers".
  • Most demonstrate a need in order to own a firearm. Self-defense not accepted.
  • Limits on how much ammo an individual can own.
  • Safe storage laws.
  • Ban on private sales of firearms.
  • Ban on carrying for self-defense.
  • Mandatory training.
  • Ban on automatic weapons.
  • Assorted malum prohibitum.

It reads like a Brady/VPC/CSGV wish list, yet it did nothing to stop the blood-thirsty maniac. That's because you can't legislate away crazy. It will be interesting to see if there will be a knee jerk change in Norway's gun laws because of this tragedy. The Fins are already preparing to clamp down in gun owners.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tax you out of your rights? Yes we can!

Anyone who frequently engages in "reasoned discourse" with gun banners/controllers has seen this one before:

BALTIMORE -- A mayoral candidate's plan to reduce violence in Baltimore includes a "bullet tax" that he said will increase the cost of committing a crime.

Otis Rolley said he would, if elected, propose a $1 per bullet tax on all bullet purchases in the city.
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Right... Because we all know that criminals will never steal ammunition. I mean that would be crime. Not a crime like killing someone, but a real crime. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

While Mr. Rolley is just your average nanny-state idiot, gun banners/controllers will no doubt support this idea because it supports their agenda of thinning out the number of legal gun owners, therefore thinning out the opposition to their various disarmament schemes.

Bullet taxes, licenses, registration, mandatory training... These are all designed to wage a war of attrition on legal gun ownership. To make the cost of ownership so high that no one will even bother to buy a gun or continue being a gun owner.

And let's not forget this country's dark history when it comes to taxing rights. It was done back then for many of the same reasons gun controllers/banners want to do it now.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paul Helmke's Greatest Hit's.

Paul Helmke has tipped out the door at the Brady Camp, but he won't be forgotten. If anything, his many lies and moments of general stupidity will provide years worth of ammo for the pro-rights movement.

Here are some of his best one-liners:

"The Brady Campaign is not a gun ban organization." - Paul Helmke

Obviously bull. Assault weapons ban, anyone?

Violence in Mexico has increased since Congress allowed the federal assault weapons ban to expire in 2004. - Paul Helmke

Bull again.

"Families should not have to stare down loaded AK-47's on nature hikes." - Paul Helmke on legalizing park carry

Hoplophobic nonsense.

"People always say there are all these laws on the books. There aren't any laws on the books." - Paul Helmke

Bovine scat.

"Maybe we oughta look at adopting some of the Mexican laws here in the US." - Paul Helmke

And that is just stupid.

This will be Helmke's legacy: A bumbling, anti-gun buffoon not only ignorant of current American law, but Mexican law and the positions of his own organization. A mealy-mouthed train wreck of a man whose career is marked with legislative failure after failure (thankfully).

One thing I will miss about Paul is how funny he was. Not funny like a clown, but funny like a burning car stuck in a tree.

Good-bye, Paul. I knew you entirely too well.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Does age matter?

Reading the VPC's latest piece of agitprop and seeing it mention "that the age of gun owners continues to increase" gave me an idea. I decided to compare the average ages of the last 10 commenters on 3 anti-gun groups' Facebook groups to the average age of the last 10 commenters on the NRA's Facebook group. I would have loved to get the average age of all the members of each group, but that would have taken forever.

The results weren't all too surprising. The Brady Campaign had the oldest commenters with an average age of 55. The CSGV came in second with an average age of 52. The NRA came in 3rd with an average age of 46. And the VPC came in last with an average age of 41.

My conclusion is that even if you assume the average age of gun owners is increasing, there is a high chance they are younger than the average Brady Campaign and CSGV supporter and only slightly older than the average VPC supporter. If I were to increase the sample size, the results would probably move slightly more in favor of the NRA considering one of the youngest people in the sample was both a participant in the VPC's and CSGV's groups. Increasing the sample size would only decrease the weight that individual's age carries (unless there were more who participated in multiple anti-gun groups).

Another conclusion that can be made is that people who actively participate in the gun-debate are old in general. People my age (29) and younger had little to no representation in any of the groups. It appears the gun issue in general, whether pro or anti, is simply not a young person's concern with the anti side being even less of a young person's concern than the pro side.

So what does all this mean? It means the pro-gun side is going to continue winning. Out of all those who are passionate about the gun issue, we're among the youngest and greatest in number.

I just wanted an excuse to make a chart.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garry McCarthy.

He's a New Jersey transplant (and before that transplanted from New York), who moved to Chicago, is a friend and appointee of Rahm Emmanuel, preaching in Snuffy Pfleger's church, and his last name is McCarthy. Basically, there is nothing right with this man.

Am I the only one who sees the irony of him lambasting all sorts of racist institutions while he spends his career enforcing the modern day slave codes that essentially keep the law-abiding, majority black citizens of Chicago unarmed?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shooting is fun.

And it's reason numero uno why gun rights supporters are so much more avid, vocal, and numerous than the gun control/ban movement. There is not a single event the Brady Campaign, VPC, or CSGV can hold that will put nearly as many smiles on so many faces.

I mean ask yourself: Would you rather attend one of the Brady Campaign's $1500 per plate dinners where you get to listen to ex-cons lecture you on the evils of guns OR would you rather blow away a Porsche for charity?

I know which one i'm choosing.

via Auto Blog:

There is not a single event the Brady Campaign, VPC, or CSGV can hold that will put nearly as many smiles on so many faces.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Brady Campaign's newest criminal friend.

First Adam Gadahn. Now Plaxico Burress.

Paul Helmke via HuffPo:
Burress contacted the Brady Center last year and told us that when he was released from prison, he wanted to spend his time warning young people, especially, about the risks and dangers of guns.

Who is going to be the next Brady Campaign spokesperson? Lee Paige?

Have terrorists ever had a problem acquiring weapons?

Aside from the fact that you can't buy machine guns at gun shows, has a terrorist ever had a problem getting guns? Guns are all but completely outlawed in India, but that had no effect on the Mumbai Massacre. You could completely outlaw the sale of firearms in the US and go door-to-door and pull a Diane Feinstein and you still couldn't stop a terrorist attack.

Unsurprisingly, the gun-controllers/banners are set to exploit their new terrorist friend, Adam Gadahn.

A mass terrorist shooting is inevitable on US soil and there is only one way to limit the damage of such an event. We have to do what the Indian citizens couldn't do and what the Indian police didn't do: Shoot back.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is not a coincidence at all...

That most of the Brady Campaign's top 5 states are the least free according to the Mercatus Center's study titled 'Freedom in the 50 States':

Mercatus Center Brady Campaign
50. New York 4. New York
49. New Jersey 2. New Jersey
48. California 1. California
47. Hawaii * 6. Hawaii
46. Massachusetts 3. Massachusetts

Just click the state name for an example of the anti-freedom atrocities committed in these states against the people.

* No story for Hawaii yet.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Illinois: It's time for you to join the rest of the nation.

You need some form of firearm carry now.

ISRA warns members to “avoid Chicago as a vacation destination”:
The ISRA is warning its members to think twice about selecting Chicago as a vacation destination this summer. This warning was issued in response to a recent dramatic upswing in violent crime in the windy city. Most notably is a spate of so-called “flash mob” attacks where as many as two dozen young men ambush and savagely beat their victims before robbing them of their valuables. One recent flash mob victim was a 68 year-old man.

The bulk of the flash mob attacks have taken place on Chicago’s near north side and Gold Coast areas to include North Avenue Beach and the Magnificent Mile. The attack locations are within the general vicinity of tourist attractions including Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park.

Thus far, the Chicago Police Department has had little luck controlling these flash mobs with only 4 participants having been apprehended. This ability to confound the police stems from the very nature of flash mobbing. Participants either get a text message on their smart phone or receive a “tweet” on a social networking site telling them where to show up and how to behave – with the specified behavior usually involving larceny or assault. Flash mob participants arrive at the site at a particular time and, after committing the specified crimes, scatter before police can arrive. The sheer number of flash mob participants overpowers the victims – rendering them helpless against the mob.

As most of our readers know, the most effective defense a victim could muster against a flash mob would be for the victim to draw a concealed firearm. As most of our readers also know, Illinois is one of only two states in the nation that deny citizens the right to carry defensive firearms.

It's obvious that the Chicago machine is going to do everything it can to prevent Illinois citizens from carrying a gun for self-defense. Hell, Chicago barely lets people own a gun period. So it's up to the people of Illinois to take their rights back and take responsibility for their own safety. I don't usually advocate breaking the law, but sometimes good people have to break bad laws.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

And it begins.

If you want to sign an online petition it can be found here.

The Free Jerome Ersland Facebook page can be found here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breaking: Jerome Ersland GUILTY, life in prison.

Today Jerome Ersland was found guilty of murder in the 1st degree and more than likely will serve life in prison. Formal sentencing is scheduled for July.

The most damning evidence against him was not only the security video which shows him shooting an incapacitated Antwun Parker 5 additional times, but his big mouth. He violated the cardinal rule of defensive gun use: Keep your mouth shut.

Ersland lied about the events that happened, he lied about his military service, and for some reason he couldn't wait to share those lies with the media ensuring that his lies were on record.

Previous Jerome Ersland related posts.

The one dimensional mind of a gun controller/banner.

Baldr Odinson of New Trajectory:
If you came upon someone on the street who was smoking pot and clearly stoned, how would you feel if they were handed a loaded gun? Do you think that person would have sound judgment, enough to handle a lethal weapon? Would they have good aim? Would you feel safer?

In the simplistic, one-dimensional world of gun-control/banning, a ruling against law enforcement officers denying concealed carry permits to those who hold medical marijuana cards means that everyone who has a medical marijuana card and a concealed carry permit will be walking around stoned with a gun.

Of course reality isn't that simple or one-dimensional.

We as a society trust those who are of legal drinking age to drive automobiles and it's clearly evident that our trust isn't misplaced. We have a statistically irrelevant number of DUI arrests per year compared to the total number of licensed drivers on the road (1.5 million out of 196 million or approximately 0.8% ). It's time we as a society give that same amount of trust to those who have medical marijuana cards.

If less than 10% of medical marijuana card holders carry under the influence, then it's worth it. Nine people being able to defend themselves is worth the price of one idiot who abuses the right to do so.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lie #26: " to allow known terrorists to buy guns..."

Dennis Hennigan of the Brady Campaign:
How can any politician pretend to be serious about protecting the nation from terrorism, while voting to allow known terrorists to buy guns, including assault weapons?

A bold-faced lie. The amendment in question did nothing to prohibit known terrorists from buying guns. It did however authorize that the horribly-flawed, secret "terrorist watch list" be used to deny people a Constitutional right without due process.

And they call us paranoid.

Brady Campaign member Joan Peterson

Dear readers,

A few of you have threatened to publish my home address somewhere. I consider this to be a personal threat to me and my family. I do check IP addresses and the town and state coming from the comment at a certain time so in case you think you are being clever, think again. I will report any such activity to law enforcement. What are you planning to do with that information? Will someone come around and try to shoot me or my family? Will I be under your survelance now? Will you be outside of my house monitoring my activities? Are you this paranoid? What are your intentions with such information? Mere intimidation or do you mean some sort of dangerous action?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Racist gun controllers/banners.

Just a couple of examples.

Stu Levitan:
I think it would be fun to have 2 or 3 dangerous-looking black guys testify next week in support of concealed carry. The more gang-banger the better. Let the committee know EXACTLY who they'll be letting carry guns.

I think if there is a large influx of Blacks, Latinos and other people of color joining the NRA and talking openly about their 2nd amendment rights there might be action to look at the NRA differentl­y.

Apparently in the minds of the gun controllers/banners, black people are tools to be pulled out whenever they need to scare people or guilt people into supporting their agenda.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Save black air guns.

If you're a California resident, here is your all to action.

Even if you're not an airgun owner, this applies to you, because it's only a matter of time before they mandate that real firearms can only be black or blued. So if you enjoy having a choice over the finish of your firearm (either real or fake), act now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rachel Maddow interviews a baby RINO. Lies, myths, and misinformation abound.

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If you don't want to subject yourself to watching the video, here are the highlights:

1:13 - McCain goes in on "semi-assault rifles". Considering "semi-assault rifles" do not exist, she's more than likely referring to Josh Sugarmman's invented term "assault weapons". A term used to demonize some of the most popular and least abused firearms on the market.

1:30 - Maddow goes on about the standard capacity magazine for a Glock 19 being 10-12 rounds (which is wrong). She also states that Jared Loughner could not have bought 33 round magazines during the Assault Weapons Ban. That's wrong too.

2:35 - McCain plays the Dick Cheney card, because when it comes to guns, Dick Cheney is the guy you should trust.

3:03 - Slippery slope argument is brought up and how gun owners shouldn't fear it, ignoring the fact that gun control groups consider their agenda "the first step" on what can only be assumed to be a downward slope towards increasing the restrictions on guns.

4:45 - Maddow starts again on the false notion that if the Assault Weapons Ban had been in place, Jared Loughner wouldn't have had a 33 round magazine.

6:15 - McCain demonstrates that she has absolutely no idea what the gun show loophole is. She describes it as, "buying a gun the day you are present". Massive fail.

7:30 - McCain says her belief in banning many standard capacity magazines is not popular at the NRA convention. Geez... Ya think? She also says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle", which isn't surprising considering such a thing does not exist. She also says that she doesn't see a need for the average citizen to own one.

9:10 - Maddow brings up the fact that 200+ people who were on the terrorist watch list were able to buy guns. Naturally, she ignores some important facts: 1). none of the people on the terrorist watch list have been convicted of an act of a crime. 2). There are 2 year olds on the terrorist watch list. 3). There is this little thing called due process where the government can't strip you of your rights without things like trials and actually letting you know why they're doing. It's odd that such an avid critic of Bush as Maddow is actually endorsing Bush doctrine.

11:50 - Again, McCain says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle". This time she follows it up with some "ZOMG they're so powerful!"

And there you have it folks. If the Second Amendment is sold up the river, it will be at the hands of so-called "conservatives" like Megan McCain, not people like Barack Obama, Carolyn McCarthy, Michael Bloomberg, and the other obvious and outspoken enemies of the Second Amendment. In fact, i'd consider the ignorance of people like Megan McCain the second biggest threat to the Second Amendment right after gun owner apathy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Paul Helmke: There is no correlation between gun laws and gun death rates.

At least that's what he should have said.

via HuffPo
California topped the Brady Campaign State Scorecard, earning 80 of 100 points for its strong efforts to protect its citizens from gun violence. It also has one of the lowest gun-related death rates - 33rd in the nation - according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Translation: There are 17 states that manage to have a lower rate of gun-related deaths without the oppressive, nonsensical gun laws of California. Need a visualization? Look here.

Paul also laments that one of the guys in this picture was hired by the NRA:
In yet another sign of how out of touch it is with how people interact in a civilized society, the National Rifle Association is apparently so wrapped up in its paranoid view of the world that it planted an undercover cameraman at our news conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday when the Brady Campaign released its annual Scorecard of State gun laws that can help reduce gun violence.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The room full of people who care.

How much more irrelevant can the gun control/ban movement become? And keep in mind, this is the 800lb gorilla of the gun control/ban movement. Organizations like CSGV and VPC couldn't even get this many people to show up.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shared Responsibilty done the right way.

Jurors found two cousins guilty of first-degree murder and chose life sentences as punishment for the death of a teenage accomplice in 2009 inside a south Oklahoma City pharmacy. Read the story soon on

If you don't know these two, they are the ones who armed and coerced two teenagers into robbing a pharmacy resulting in the death of one of the teenagers.

Hopefully, their sentence is long enough to keep them off the streets. If it were up to me, they would get the death penalty, but life with no parole would be acceptable.

A humorous aside, the gentleman on the right argued that there was a "conspiracy" against him. He is referring to his felonious past being used against him in court. That is not conspiracy. That is common sense. He is a career criminal and hopefully his proven inability to function in civilized society will factor into his sentencing.

UPDATE: Both criminals are sentenced to life+time with a chance for parole. The conspiracy theorist/career criminal stuck the DA as he made his closing argument. What a real stand-up guy. Obviously, his attack on the DA is just another conspiracy.

Ersland's trial is in two weeks. Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mitt Romney: Just as bad as Trump.

Unlike Barack Obama, Mitt Romney has had the opportunity to vote on a gun-rights related issue and voted the wrong way. Let's take a trip into the past:

Romney signs off on permanent assault weapons ban.
Governor Mitt Romney has signed into law a permanent assault weapons ban that he says will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on these guns.

"Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts", Romney said, at a bill signing ceremony on July 1 with legislators, sportsmen groups and gun safety advocates. "These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people."

It seems that in 2004, Mitt Romney suffers under the same wrong-headed beliefs that Barack Obama had in 2008 ( and more than likely still has).

Walmart to bring guns back.

Guns and ammo are returning to the shelves of hundreds of Walmarts and the blood of innocent children will run through the streets... Or not. This is a good move for Walmart that will help restablish them as more of an American company and less of a purveyor of cheap Chinese crap. It also debunks the VPC's continuing delusion that gun ownership is on a decline.

Personally, i'd never buy a gun at Walmart. I'd rather my gun money go to local gun stores that reinvest that money into ranges, 2nd Amendment advocacy, and education. Plus the cynic in me knows that Walmart really cares nothing about the 2nd Amendment and everything about money. They'll have guns in their stores just in time for the 2012 election season and perhaps the Obama Gun Rush Part Deux.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self-defense comes to the workplace.

Oklahoma governor signs bill that expands self-defense rights.

Business owners, managers and employees soon will be able to defend themselves when they have a reasonable fear they face death or great bodily harm.

Gov. Mary Fallin on Monday signed into law House Bill 1439, which expands the right to use deadly force when in fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm. It takes effect Nov. 1.

Rep. Steve Vaughan, the author of the measure, said he filed the bill partly because of a pharmacist who has been charged with first-degree murder after shooting a masked robber six times in May 2009 inside an Oklahoma City pharmacy.

You now have the same right to self-defense at work as you do at home... Unless you work in a school, federal building, or any other government mandated Gun Free Zone. It's a start though.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is why you lock them up. Part VII

Two British tourists shot dead in a Florida ghetto:

Shawn Tyson, a 16-year-old drop-out from a special needs school, has been charged with killing the pair.
He lives just 100 yards from the site of the murders and had been released from youth custody for allegedly firing a gun at a car only 12 hours before the killings.

More lives lost because of our catch and release criminal justice system.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Colin Goddard may or may not not be a coward, but he is a liar.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Weapons created "by the military for active war zones" are not being sold to the general public, thanks in part to the National Firearms Act and Hughes Amendment.

It looks like Colin will fit right in with the Brady Camp. He's already engaging in their trademark twisting of reality.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The newest Professional Victim.

Oh my. An attack on an anti-gun blogger. Did someone shoot her? Punch her in the face? Drive-by bayoneting? Assault clipping? Nope. It was something much more vile.

Someone said something about her.... On the intertubes. Oh the huge manatee! *clutching pearl necklace*

Remember folks:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The irony of Gun Free Zones knows no borders.

As many as 20 pupils are feared dead after a gunman opened fire in a primary school in western Rio de Janeiro.
"There is blood on the walls, blood on the chairs. There are 15 to 20 dead I think," said De Macedo, who was covered in blood. "I've never seen anything like this. It's like something in the United States."

Yes. It is like something in the United States where we also have the dreaded "Gun Free Zone". I wonder if like the United States, Rio also has those little signs with the gun crossed out, declaring that the rule of law is used to enforce defenselessness within their schools?

"...this is not journalism. You don't ensnare people."

Vivian Schiller, ex-CEO of NPR:
Schiller called O'Keefe and his practice of undercover stings an "abomination," and said, "this is not journalism. You don't ensnare people. You don't entrap people with hidden cameras...I don't know what this is, but it has nothing to do with the kind of journalism that i know."

Yet it was journalism when Ms. Schiller's NPR was reporting on Bloomberg's hidden camera antics.

Would you like cheese with that whine, Ms. Schiller?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A sniper with a "high-powered semi-automatic rifle".

It may not be April 1st, but that won't stop the fools in the press. Ignoring the obvious problems with the picture vs the actual gun used in the crime, one has to wonder what their definition of a sniper is.

According to the article, the police were close enough to hear the sniper's spent shells hitting the ground. After doing a bit of experimentation by dropping an empty 7.62x39 shell onto a concrete surface, on a relatively quiet day, with no gunfire or police radios blasting in my ear, i've determined the maximum distance you can hear an empty shell drop is approximately 30 yards. Hardly a sniper shot.

So apparently, a sniper is anyone with a rifle. Is it no wonder newspapers are a dying media?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to spot a phony.

From A Gunsmith's view on Gun Control:
Regarding Mayor Adams' proposals for gun control, I must add my perspective. As a former Army officer, gunsmith, member of the NRA and a competitive marksman,

A common tactic of gun-controllers/banners who decide to "fake the funk" is the listing of all sorts of "qualifications". Usually some combination of hunting, military service, and law enforcement. This is done to win the respect of the uninformed and uneducated and lend credibility to any following lies and misinformation.

I see no reason why citizens, other than law enforcement, should have free access to armor-piercing rounds, military or automatic weapons, extended clips or undocumented purchases at gun shows.

And there you have it. The lies and misinformation. True armor piercing rounds are already banned. Under current restrictions, there is no "free access" to automatic weapons. "Military weapons" include anything considering most civilian weapons have either been used by the military or are patterned after military weapons, so that's just a baseless scare phrase. "Extended clips" is another anti-gun buzzword and not one commonly used by real gunsmiths.

When the U.S. faced the most egregious assault on our constitutional rights in its modern history, the NRA sat silently while George W. Bush emasculated the rights of us all

Then of course there is a healthy dose Bush Derangement Syndrome that only a leftist gun-controller/banner can conjure up. Of course it completely leaves out the fact that the NRA is a gun rights organization, not an "all rights" organization. His argument should be taken up with the ACLU, not the NRA. But then again, facts have never been important to gun-controllers/banners.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Compromise only leads to the demise of the honorable. Never compromise with your enemy.

Compromise will never happen. And it's not because of a lack of effort on the side of 2nd Amendment advocates. There are a number of 2nd Amendment advocates who will accept new legislation in exchange for repealing current legislation. That is true compromise.

What stands in the way of compromise is the fact that the gun-controllers/banners, can never be satisfied. They refuse to give up any current legislation and will forever pursue new legislation. Helmke says he would love for his job to go away in 3 years. I'm doubtful of that. He brings up the example of Britain and their 55 gun murders per year. Such a low number hasn't given way to the retirement of Britain's gun-controllers/banners (nor has it given way to a less progressive gun-banning agenda), so why should we believe Paul Helmke and his cadre would fade away upon reaching an arbitrary goal? They'll simply do what they do best and move goal posts.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What if Wayne sat down?

What if Wayne LaPierre decided " sit down with a group of people that have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the Second Amendment in the United States?" Let's game that scenario:

Wayne meets with President Obama, the Brady Campaign, and all the other gun-controller/banner groups and agrees with his 3 ideas. They get made into law and then? Well, Baldr Odinson of Ceasefire Oregon said it best: "I think this is a great first step." In other words, there are more steps. The next time some drug-addled loon shoots up a school, restaurant, or store, the vulturous, gun-controllers/banners (I refuse to call them "gun safety advocates" when none of them teach gun safety) will circle and they will crow for more steps. Second steps, third steps, fourth steps, fifth steps... Where will it end? What is the final step? Is it something like England where you have to beg your local sheriff for permission to own even the most primitive and ineffective of firearms? Isn't that what we have in #2 Brady Campaign ranked New Jersey? Assuming that being ranked #1 is a final step, is it safe to say that New Jersey's numerous infringements on the 2nd Amendment are close to the final step? Is that why Brady Campaign member, Joan Peterson, can't tell us at what point "Commonsense" ends and infringement begins?

Personally, i'm glad Wayne decided not to sit down. Wayne knows that taking that first step only sets you up for the second step, third step, and so fourth, inching us closer and closer to the final step.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Three bills; Each a step closer.

Three pro-2nd Amednment laws have passed their respective chambers with large majority support:

  • Senate Bill 856, which was discussed here not to long ago.
  • Senate Bill 858, which prevents doctors from asking about your guns.
  • And House Bill 1652 which allows one to store a legally carried firearm in their vehicle in some places which previously prevented it.

If they make it to the governor's desk, they should be signed. After all, Governor Fallin has an image to maintain.

Jim Kessler: An anti-gunner with real commonsense?

He said this in regards to President Obama's recent gun editorial:

“Actually, I like this,” emailed Jim Kessler, a former director of policy and research at Americans for Gun Safety. “There will be a knee-jerk reaction among some who will say, “Why no clip ban?” But I think on both substance and political grounds, a high-capacity clip ban is the wrong way to go. There were roughly 12,000 gun homicides last year, and I’ll wager that less than 10 were caused by bullets 11 through 30 in someone’s magazine. The problem is bullets 1, 2, and 3 –- not 11, 12, and 13."

This makes far more (real) commonsense than the uninformed rants about magazine capacity we saw coming from the gun-controllers/banners. And he's right. Your average gang banger isn't going to stand around and fire 30 rounds of ammunition or even 10. Especially when someone is firing back at him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oklahoma SB 856 aka "The Anti-Bloomberg Law".

At least, that's my name for it. The official name is the "Fraudulent Firearms Purchase Prevention Act". Taken from the text of the engrossed version of the bill:

A. Any person, who knowingly solicits, persuades, encourages or entices a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition to transfer a firearm or ammunition under circumstances which the person knows would violate the laws of this state or the United States is guilty of a felony.


C. Any person who provides to a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition what the person knows to be materially false information with intent to deceive the dealer or seller about the legality of a transfer of a firearm or ammunition is guilty of a felony.

Good stuff. Even better, this law would hold Mike Bloomberg accountable for the actions of his goon squads:
D. Any person who willfully procures another to engage in conduct prohibited by this section shall be held accountable as a principal.

Of course there is loophole for Bloomberg to exploit:
E. This section does not apply to a law enforcement officer acting in his or her official capacity or to a person acting at the direction of such law enforcement officer.

Unfortunately the language doesn't specifically exempt state and federal law enforcement officers. So theoretically Bloomberg could easily enlist (read as "buy") the help of any law enforcement agency and still get away with his antics. But the message of the legislation is clear: Outside agitators (especially Mike Bloomberg) should stay out of Oklahoma.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blood in the Streets: Gun Free Edition.

In my last post, I mentioned the gun-controllers/banners baseless fear that law abiding citizens carrying guns would lead to shootouts over parking spaces. The corollary being that with fewer law-abiding people carrying guns, the process of fighting over a parking space would be safer. Obviously, that is not true.

In New York City where the right to own and carry a handgun is severely infringed, arguing over a parking space is still equally as deadly if not more deadly than in Phoenix, Oklahoma City, or any other city that respects the 2nd Amendment:

Gun-controllers/banners love to blame law-abiding gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates for gun violence. "Shared Responsibility" they call it. I believe it's only fair that they share the responsibility for this woman being in a coma, because if not for their crusade against guns and their blessing of NYC's draconian gun laws, this woman may have been armed and able to defend herself.

It's also a great time to remind you that President Obama would prefer she be in a coma, than able to defend herself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blood in the Streets: Campus Carry Edition.

When right-to-carry laws were first passed, the gun-controller/banner movement wailed about how every day situations would somehow turn into gun fights. Fender benders, arguments over parking spaces, and arguments at little league games were supposed to turn into blood baths if a firearm were legally present. Blood would run in the streets. That falls in line with the gun-controller/banner belief that firearms have some sort of influence over the thoughts of the person who holds it, much like a drug or magic talisman.

However, the past 25 years of right-to-carry has proven their belief wrong. Not a single state or municipality can link right-to-carry to an increase in criminal shootings. People who legally carry a gun are more law-abiding on average than the population at large. As a result, not a single state has moved to repeal it's right-to-carry laws. In fact, some states are moving to expand right-to-carry to more places, such as college campuses. And with that expansion comes more warnings of "Blood in the Streets".

The new belief is that if legally carried guns are allowed on college campuses, there will be shootouts over broken romances, bad grades, binge drinking, and coke parties; That a person who is sane and law-abiding enough to carry a gun in movie theaters, restaurants, and stores will turn into a drunken, drug riddled, psychopath waiting to shoot at the slightest provocation upon crossing an arbitray line.

Of course that is complete and utter nonsense. As campus carry is passed in more places, we will see that the rate of criminal shootings on college campuses will either decrease, or at the worst, remain unchanged. And much like right-to-carry off campus, right-to-carry on campus will spread across the nation as more people realize that the gun-controller/banner fears of "Blood in the Streets" are unfounded.

But the greatest, potential long-term benefit of campus carry is one of the darkest fears of the gun-controllers/banners: More people will buy more guns at a younger age, resulting in more gun owners who will resist their future efforts.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gun show fail.

You'd think before discussing an issue, you'd at least make a small effort to not be completely wrong about the issue. Apparently, that's asking too much of Brady Campaign member Joan Peterson:

So if loaded guns are prohibited at gun shows, they should be prohibited in other public places as well. If law abiding gun owners are willing to leave their loaded guns at home when going to shop for more guns, surely they can leave them at home when they go to the shopping malls or out to eat.

That's simply not true. There is a blanket prohibition that applies to guns that are being displayed, sold, or handled by the public. But by law, gun shows are no different than gun stores, shopping malls, restaurants, or any other retail establishment. You can carry a loaded gun as long as you are in compliance with the law and the property owner's rules.

"Big Bullet-Blasting Boxes"

I kid you not. It has really come this.

From the Brady Campaign's 17 Point Plan:

  • Close the" Gun Show" Loophole: Extend Brady Background Checks to All Gun Purchases
  • Close the Terror Gap: Prohibit Gun Sales to Suspected Terrorists
  • Stop the Sale of Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines (aka Big Bullet-Blasting Boxes)
  • Restore Justice to Gun Violence Victims: Repeal the Gun Industry Legal Protection Act
  • Repeal Tiahrt Restrictions on Disclosure of Crime Gun Data
  • Require Licensing of Gun Owners and Registration of Gun Purchases
  • Strengthen ATF Authority to Regulate Gun Dealers and Crack Down on Corrupt Dealers
  • Require Gun Owners to Report Lost or Stolen Guns
  • Improve the National Violent Death Reporting System Date, and restore firearms research funding for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Restrict Large-Volume Gun Sales
  • Require Licensed Dealers to Adopt Safeguards to Prevent Gun Thefts
  • Require Licensed Dealers to Perform Background Checks on Employees
  • Prohibit The Transfer of Gun Inventory Without Background Checks After a Dealer's License Has Been Revoked
  • Prohibit Gun Possession by People Convicted of Violent Misdemeanors
  • Prohibit Gun Possession by Persons Convicted of Violent Acts as Juveniles
  • Repeal the 24-hour Brady Record Destruction Requirement
  • Support new technologies to help law enforcement more effectively trace crime guns and supporting development of safety features to childproof guns

If I didn't know any better, i'd think the Brady Campaign was run by a bunch of spoiled 12 year olds with an entitlement complex. And quite frankly, that's probably not too far off. If Colin Goddard is their new public face, I can only imagine what sort of liberal arts C-students are doing the actual work.

Latching on to idiotic, hyperbolic terms is nothing new in the gun-control/ban movement. "Big Bullet-Blasting Boxes" joins the likes of "Big Boomers", "Vest Busters", "Bullet Hoses", and of course the ever hilarious "Pocket Rocket".

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lots of gun friendly laws being proposed in Oklahoma.

All sorts of gunny goodness:

HB 1291 Firearms Freedom Act
HB 1400 Open Carry Act
HB 1796 Another Open Carry Act
HB 553 Expands concealed carry to some currently prohibited places
SB 896 Campus Carry

And the Jerome Ersland Act:
OKLAHOMA CITY -- A state senator is proposing a new law that would be known as the "Jerome Ersland Act." Senator Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) says the bill would presume that a business owner was acting in self-defense if that owner shoots and kills an armed robber.

If any of these make their way to Governor Fallin's desk, they should be signed. After all, she has a reputation to uphold.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Money Mike Roadshow.

If his traveling circus ever darkens Oklahoma soil, i'll do my best to be there with some anti-propaganda.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Richard Daley almost gets it. Better late than never I guess.

The Chicago Tribune reports on a few of the restrictions Daley proposed:

The four newly proposed measures would automatically transfer to adult court cases of 15- to 17-year olds arrested with a gun; require at least five years behind bars for felons caught with weapons; require 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police and firefighters responding to emergencies; and make it a felony to commit a crime with a child in tow if that child is injured by gunfire.

The mayor also said the city again will submit several other proposals that have come close to passage in the past decade. One would require background checks for private gun sales.

In Richard Daley's mind, if you can't prevent law abiding citizens from legally buying handguns, the next best thing is to actually go after people who are committing crimes. The people of Chicago (at least the ones who aren't complete nuts like Daley) should be asking Daley why he didn't propose this years ago?

As for that last bit about background checks, I guess old habits die hard. I don't live anywhere near Illinois, but even I know that background checks for private guns sales are redundant because you can't legally own a gun in Illinois unless you have a FOID card, which includes a background check. And i'm not the only one:

“It’s not a surprise — same stuff, different year,” said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association.

Pearson said his group will continue to oppose the background checks because buyers already must have met the standards to own a Firearm Owner’s Identification card. But it has yet to evaluate the mayor’s new proposals, he said.

There is more:
Daley said he also will urge Congress to close gun-show loopholes to require background checks at those events and change federal law to make it possible to hold gun manufacturers “accountable for wrongdoing.”

Last I checked, gun manufacturers were not above the law. If they break the law, they are accountable for it. What Daley wants is to hold gun manufacturers accountable for the wrongdoing of the dangerous criminals he and his cronies love to sit down and have pow-wow's with.

Words matter.

Another tale from Sarah Brady Paradise:

MANCHESTER, England (KTLA) -- A man is accused of killing his neighbor after a miscommunication triggered by the auto correct spelling feature on the man's cell phone.
Brook says the auto correct on his cell phone changed the word "mutter" (a mild insult) to "nutter" (apparently a much worse insult ).
Brook allegedly attacked Witkowski with a kitchen knife, stabbing him repeatedly.

The Bolton News says the victim had 104 injuries including cuts, stab wounds, bruises and slice marks on his hands, with the fatal blow piercing his heart.

Aren't we always told by the gun-banners/controllers that if we have Commonsense gun control, angry confrontations will turn into "harmless" fistfights instead of deadly shoot outs? Apparently England's draconian knife laws aren't nearly as draconian as their gun laws. But they're getting there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There oughta be a law!

via HuffPo:

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A 20-year-old student pulled out a revolver and shot another man in the thumb during an argument on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, authorities said Monday.


Police said Macklin has been charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds, aggravated assault and reckless engdangerment.

Well, I guess there is a law. Are the gun-controllers/banners right about guns on campus? That allowing students to carry will result in more campus shootings? Or is it more likely that those who are inclined to break the law are already carrying and using guns on campus and that allowing law-abiding to students to carry on campus won't result in an increase of on-campus gun violence?

ADDENDUM: No surprise it's drug related. A good number of shootings are.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A "Beacon of Stupidity".

Evan Nappen pretty much pegged it. When it comes to guns, New Jersey is a "Beacon of Stupidity". This blog has chronicled a few examples of that stupidity.

As you read Mr. Nappen's words, realize that this stupidity is what the Brady Campaign wants for all of us and then some. New Jersey is only ranked #2 by the Brady Campaign with 73 out of 100 points. I assume to get to 100 points, even more stupidity would be required of New Jersey. Maybe even English levels of stupidity. That is a very scary thought.

So the next time you hear the gun-controllers/banners calling for "Common Sense Gun Control", remember New Jersey, the "Beacon of Stupidity".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Intended Consequences.

Apparently, McCarthy's magazine ban has two-fold benefits for the gun-banners: Not only does it ban standard capacity magazines for many guns, it will also result in more people inelgible to legally own guns by making one a felon for simply inheriting a dead relatives magazines or firearms that have standard capacity magazines:

Am I still supposed to believe people like Brady Campaign member Joan Peterson when she says, "We have, as you now know by my writings, no intention to bother you guys who are law abiding."?

That's a rhetorical question by the way. Of course they're not going to bother the law-abiding. It's long been gun-banner strategy to create entirely new classes of criminals out of law-abiding gun owners. McCarthy's magazine ban is just the latest example.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Technical difficulties.

The network is literally down.  on Twitpic

I've been unable to blog due to weather related technical difficulties, but now i'm back. Blogging will continue when I catch up to the latest news.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is not an overreaction at all.

This is a completely rational response:

View more videos at:

I can remember a time when bringing a NERF gun to school would just mean you wouldn't get the NERF gun back until the end of the day. Apparently in New Jersey, it is now a crime.

Police charged the 7-year-old with possessing an imitation firearm in or on an education institution – a misdemeanor and a minor juvenile offense in New Jersey.

I used to be quite the NERF connoisseur back in the day. I can't recall any of them that look like an imitation firearm nor are NERF guns marketed as imitation firearms. I guess Zero Tolerance really is Zero Sense.

This is just one more case of if you value your happiness and freedom, stay far away from New Jersey.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is why gun control is bad. Pt 2

Like before, it makes people into idiots:

As soon as the figurine was pulled from the box, the security search officer contacted her supervisor. The SA80 rifle 'could not pass'. My wife Julie asked the staff to take a reality check. It's a 9in painted model with a rifle that is part of the figure. The supervisor was confident that, according to the regulations, a firearm is a firearm and cannot pass.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh Canada...

While Canada laughs at us, perhaps they should take a moment to quietly weep for themselves:

"Ian Thomson…woke up to the sound of three masked men firebombing his Port Colborne, Ont., home…So Mr. Thomson, a former firearms instructor, grabbed one of his Smith & Wesson revolvers from his safe, loaded it and headed outside dressed in only his underwear.
“He exited his house and fired his revolver two, maybe three times, we’re not sure. Then these firebombing culprits, they ran off,” said his lawyer, Edward Burlew."

The result?

"The Crown has recommended Mr. Thomson go to jail, his lawyer said.
His collection of seven guns, five pistols and two rifles was seized, along with his firearms licence."

So while Canada is laughing at us, perhaps we should thank them for making a good argument in favor of Castle Doctrine and an even better argument against firearm registration. Had Mr. Thomson lived in a place with Castle Doctrine, he would never see the inside of a jail cell and had he lived in a place where there is no gun registration, he'd still have his guns and the ability to protect himself and his property.

However, all is not lost for Canada. There are some Canadians who get it:
Our endangered right to self-defence
Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association

Friday, January 28, 2011

Open letter to Chief Bill Citty.

Rather than repost the whole letter, you can better read it here.

It was in response to comments made by Oklahoma City Chief Only One and potential Oath Breaker, Bill Citty in response to the shooting of police officer Katie Lawson by two illegal immigrants.

This is something very unusual for Oklahoma. Gun banners are a rare breed here. More interesting was a subsequent city council meeting where councilmen Sam Bowman and Pete White applauded Citty's comments. Who knew we had so many closet gun banners in high places? This is what complacency does. Brian Walters was the sole councilman to stand up for the 2nd Amendment.

In Oklahoma, rarely are guns a political issue. As a result, candidates are rarely if ever questioned on their views on guns and gun rights. It looks like that needs to change.