Saturday, May 28, 2011

And it begins.

If you want to sign an online petition it can be found here.

The Free Jerome Ersland Facebook page can be found here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breaking: Jerome Ersland GUILTY, life in prison.

Today Jerome Ersland was found guilty of murder in the 1st degree and more than likely will serve life in prison. Formal sentencing is scheduled for July.

The most damning evidence against him was not only the security video which shows him shooting an incapacitated Antwun Parker 5 additional times, but his big mouth. He violated the cardinal rule of defensive gun use: Keep your mouth shut.

Ersland lied about the events that happened, he lied about his military service, and for some reason he couldn't wait to share those lies with the media ensuring that his lies were on record.

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The one dimensional mind of a gun controller/banner.

Baldr Odinson of New Trajectory:
If you came upon someone on the street who was smoking pot and clearly stoned, how would you feel if they were handed a loaded gun? Do you think that person would have sound judgment, enough to handle a lethal weapon? Would they have good aim? Would you feel safer?

In the simplistic, one-dimensional world of gun-control/banning, a ruling against law enforcement officers denying concealed carry permits to those who hold medical marijuana cards means that everyone who has a medical marijuana card and a concealed carry permit will be walking around stoned with a gun.

Of course reality isn't that simple or one-dimensional.

We as a society trust those who are of legal drinking age to drive automobiles and it's clearly evident that our trust isn't misplaced. We have a statistically irrelevant number of DUI arrests per year compared to the total number of licensed drivers on the road (1.5 million out of 196 million or approximately 0.8% ). It's time we as a society give that same amount of trust to those who have medical marijuana cards.

If less than 10% of medical marijuana card holders carry under the influence, then it's worth it. Nine people being able to defend themselves is worth the price of one idiot who abuses the right to do so.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lie #26: " to allow known terrorists to buy guns..."

Dennis Hennigan of the Brady Campaign:
How can any politician pretend to be serious about protecting the nation from terrorism, while voting to allow known terrorists to buy guns, including assault weapons?

A bold-faced lie. The amendment in question did nothing to prohibit known terrorists from buying guns. It did however authorize that the horribly-flawed, secret "terrorist watch list" be used to deny people a Constitutional right without due process.

And they call us paranoid.

Brady Campaign member Joan Peterson

Dear readers,

A few of you have threatened to publish my home address somewhere. I consider this to be a personal threat to me and my family. I do check IP addresses and the town and state coming from the comment at a certain time so in case you think you are being clever, think again. I will report any such activity to law enforcement. What are you planning to do with that information? Will someone come around and try to shoot me or my family? Will I be under your survelance now? Will you be outside of my house monitoring my activities? Are you this paranoid? What are your intentions with such information? Mere intimidation or do you mean some sort of dangerous action?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Racist gun controllers/banners.

Just a couple of examples.

Stu Levitan:
I think it would be fun to have 2 or 3 dangerous-looking black guys testify next week in support of concealed carry. The more gang-banger the better. Let the committee know EXACTLY who they'll be letting carry guns.

I think if there is a large influx of Blacks, Latinos and other people of color joining the NRA and talking openly about their 2nd amendment rights there might be action to look at the NRA differentl­y.

Apparently in the minds of the gun controllers/banners, black people are tools to be pulled out whenever they need to scare people or guilt people into supporting their agenda.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Save black air guns.

If you're a California resident, here is your all to action.

Even if you're not an airgun owner, this applies to you, because it's only a matter of time before they mandate that real firearms can only be black or blued. So if you enjoy having a choice over the finish of your firearm (either real or fake), act now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rachel Maddow interviews a baby RINO. Lies, myths, and misinformation abound.

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If you don't want to subject yourself to watching the video, here are the highlights:

1:13 - McCain goes in on "semi-assault rifles". Considering "semi-assault rifles" do not exist, she's more than likely referring to Josh Sugarmman's invented term "assault weapons". A term used to demonize some of the most popular and least abused firearms on the market.

1:30 - Maddow goes on about the standard capacity magazine for a Glock 19 being 10-12 rounds (which is wrong). She also states that Jared Loughner could not have bought 33 round magazines during the Assault Weapons Ban. That's wrong too.

2:35 - McCain plays the Dick Cheney card, because when it comes to guns, Dick Cheney is the guy you should trust.

3:03 - Slippery slope argument is brought up and how gun owners shouldn't fear it, ignoring the fact that gun control groups consider their agenda "the first step" on what can only be assumed to be a downward slope towards increasing the restrictions on guns.

4:45 - Maddow starts again on the false notion that if the Assault Weapons Ban had been in place, Jared Loughner wouldn't have had a 33 round magazine.

6:15 - McCain demonstrates that she has absolutely no idea what the gun show loophole is. She describes it as, "buying a gun the day you are present". Massive fail.

7:30 - McCain says her belief in banning many standard capacity magazines is not popular at the NRA convention. Geez... Ya think? She also says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle", which isn't surprising considering such a thing does not exist. She also says that she doesn't see a need for the average citizen to own one.

9:10 - Maddow brings up the fact that 200+ people who were on the terrorist watch list were able to buy guns. Naturally, she ignores some important facts: 1). none of the people on the terrorist watch list have been convicted of an act of a crime. 2). There are 2 year olds on the terrorist watch list. 3). There is this little thing called due process where the government can't strip you of your rights without things like trials and actually letting you know why they're doing. It's odd that such an avid critic of Bush as Maddow is actually endorsing Bush doctrine.

11:50 - Again, McCain says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle". This time she follows it up with some "ZOMG they're so powerful!"

And there you have it folks. If the Second Amendment is sold up the river, it will be at the hands of so-called "conservatives" like Megan McCain, not people like Barack Obama, Carolyn McCarthy, Michael Bloomberg, and the other obvious and outspoken enemies of the Second Amendment. In fact, i'd consider the ignorance of people like Megan McCain the second biggest threat to the Second Amendment right after gun owner apathy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Paul Helmke: There is no correlation between gun laws and gun death rates.

At least that's what he should have said.

via HuffPo
California topped the Brady Campaign State Scorecard, earning 80 of 100 points for its strong efforts to protect its citizens from gun violence. It also has one of the lowest gun-related death rates - 33rd in the nation - according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Translation: There are 17 states that manage to have a lower rate of gun-related deaths without the oppressive, nonsensical gun laws of California. Need a visualization? Look here.

Paul also laments that one of the guys in this picture was hired by the NRA:
In yet another sign of how out of touch it is with how people interact in a civilized society, the National Rifle Association is apparently so wrapped up in its paranoid view of the world that it planted an undercover cameraman at our news conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday when the Brady Campaign released its annual Scorecard of State gun laws that can help reduce gun violence.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The room full of people who care.

How much more irrelevant can the gun control/ban movement become? And keep in mind, this is the 800lb gorilla of the gun control/ban movement. Organizations like CSGV and VPC couldn't even get this many people to show up.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shared Responsibilty done the right way.

Jurors found two cousins guilty of first-degree murder and chose life sentences as punishment for the death of a teenage accomplice in 2009 inside a south Oklahoma City pharmacy. Read the story soon on

If you don't know these two, they are the ones who armed and coerced two teenagers into robbing a pharmacy resulting in the death of one of the teenagers.

Hopefully, their sentence is long enough to keep them off the streets. If it were up to me, they would get the death penalty, but life with no parole would be acceptable.

A humorous aside, the gentleman on the right argued that there was a "conspiracy" against him. He is referring to his felonious past being used against him in court. That is not conspiracy. That is common sense. He is a career criminal and hopefully his proven inability to function in civilized society will factor into his sentencing.

UPDATE: Both criminals are sentenced to life+time with a chance for parole. The conspiracy theorist/career criminal stuck the DA as he made his closing argument. What a real stand-up guy. Obviously, his attack on the DA is just another conspiracy.

Ersland's trial is in two weeks. Stay tuned.