Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad move, Brad.

Gov. Brad Henry today vetoed a bill that would have exempted guns or ammunition made in the state from federal regulations.

Henry said the measure would have exempted buyers of Oklahoma-made guns from federal criminal background checks and other regulatory safeguards. The bill would have made it easier for criminals to obtain a wide array of weapons in Oklahoma and endanger residents and law enforcement officers in the process.

The veto will more than likely be overridden. The bill passed both the senate and house with overwhelming, bipartisan support. Apparently, this is another one of his "Obama Moments".

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

85% of Mexican cartel guns come from the US. Down from 90%.

It's amazing how many people still buy this bull:

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard Casauban noted that the Mexican government is waging a brutal war against drug cartels that get “85 percent” of their weapons from the United States.

But that flat-out lie is just the side show to Richard Daley's 3 Ring Circus:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Deploy National Guard in Chicago?

Of noteworthiness is Snuffy Pfleger's comment of, "Let's stop looking for government to come in and do what we're not doing ourselves first." I wonder if he will remember that the next time he gets on the cross campaigning against people's 2nd Amendment rights?

Also noteworthy, is Victor Woods comment concerning the fear of further alienating "young black boys" by calling in the National Guard. Umm... Call me crazy, but if I were a citizen of the south side of Chicago, my fear of being killed would far outweigh the fear of alienating those who would want to kill me. Like they say Mr. Woods, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And indeed you are.

"Community organizers" like Mr. Woods, Jesse Jackson, Snuffy Pfleger, and President Obama are part of the cultural problem in Chicago. Their blame passing (whether it's blaming schools or gun owners in other states) is the reason Chicago is in the mess it is in. Chicago needs more community leaders. People who are willing to stand up and say to the criminals, "You are the problem and we are no longer supply you with advocates, lawyers, and forgiveness. When you commit a crime, we're going to make sure you do all of the time. And when you get out, you're not welcome back."

More video:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's culture, not guns.

The gun controllers love to blame the violent crime of Chicago on guns (naturally). The problem with Chicago is not guns. It's culture. Specifically, the gang/thug culture. And one aspect of that culture is the idiotic "anti-snitching" movement.

If the anti-snitching movement weren't idiotic enough, it's definitely reached a new plateau:

Robert Tate wasn't ever going to snitch -- not even when it came to his own murder, according to the Chicago Police.
Tate, 17, was shot in the chest as someone approached him on a West Side sidewalk on the evening of April 12, police say. Seeing that Tate was wounded badly and probably wouldn't make it, an officer asked: Do you know who shot you?

"I know," Tate told him. "But I ain't telling you s---."

Here is a kid, laying on the ground, dying. He knows who put him there. And I guess out of the fear of being killed (as if the person who shot him needs another reason to shoot him) or some twisted sense of thug honor, he refuses to "snitch".

Of course in the gun controller's mind, Robert Tate will be counted as one of The Children®, who just happened to be caught in the crossfire. According to his mother, he was a good kid. (Aren't they always?):

But Tate's mother Cynthia Washington doesn't buy it.

She doesn't know how her son -- a "very respectful child" -- could have told police anything as he lay dying on the scene in the 900 block of North Avers.

However, his record tells a different story:

Tate was "in and out" of Nancy B. Jefferson High School, housed in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, a Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman said. He had 14 arrests for drugs, weapons and car theft on his rap sheet; a tattoo that read "Make Money or Die;" and a nickname: "C Murder."

Just another day in Chicago, I guess.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A picture tells a thousand words.

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Is this:

A. Law abiding citizen gone wild.


B. Power tripping cop gone wild.

The answer:

Beware of "experts".

Every time there is a high profile shooting or gun related event in Oklahoma a certain expert by the name of "former FBI agent Jeff Jenkins" pops up to give his commentary. You can watch him in these videos:

Now why would Jeff Jenkins have a problem with legally armed civilians in a mall?

Aside from being a typical ex-FBI, "only one", he is also the owner of Technical Innovative Concepts, a security consulting firm.

Could there be a conflict of interests on his part? Looking at a list of his clients, most if not all of them are "gun free zones". "Gun free zones" he was paid to create. He pretty much has to say that "gun free zones" work and that armed citizens will make a bad situation worse, otherwise he'd be admitting that his customers may not be getting their money's worth.

Keep watching for Jeff Jenkins. I guarantee that whenever his opinion is sought, he will come down on the side that benefits his business first and foremost.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

She can't make it through the first sentence without being wrong.

Rep. Carolyn "Shoulder Thing That Goes Up" McCarthy:

There are only three states, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, and the District of Columbia that outright prohibit the open carrying of handguns. Only three!

Actually, it's Florida, Texas, Illinois (which bans carrying of any kind), Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, and New York. That's seven. Not three.

It gets better:
Now, contrary to public perception, I have never been against people owning guns for protection, hunting, or sport.

Is that why you continue trying ban some of the most popular sporting and defensive arms on the market?

In the summer of 2009, a man stood just outside a venue in New Hampshire with President Obama inside talking about healthcare reform. He had a gun openly strapped to his thigh. Another time while the president was giving a speech at the convention center in Phoenix, a dozen people were openly carrying guns, including one who walked around with an AR-15 assault rifle strapped to his back.

What you don't say is just as important as what you do say. The man in New Hampshire was nowhere near the venue where President Obama was talking. He was blocks away on private property.

In this session of Congress, laws were passed to allow guns on Amtrak trains and in our national parks. Where does it end? When will people realize that we are moving backwards in reducing gun violence?

Are we really? It seems like we're moving forward. Even the spin doctors at MSNBC have admitted that firearms deaths are falling as more people are carrying. You're also misrepresenting the Amtrak legislation. It only applies to checked baggage, just like on an airliner. No one will be carrying a gun on a train anymore than they can carry a gun on an airliner.

I realize that is an extreme, but when open carry has occurred in retail stores, other customers generally become alarmed and the police are called to the scene.

Thousands of people open carry every day without incident. If the police being called were such a common occurrence, there would be no end to the media coverage of it.

Exaggeration, missing information, and disinformation. This is all par for Carolyn McCarthy. Apparently she hasn't changed a bit since "the shoulder thing that goes up".

The Second Amendment March and April 19th...

It's being conflated all over the internet by Rachael Maddow and her followers that The Second Amendment March is being held on the 19th of April as some sort of tribute or celebration of Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

In reality, the march is being held on the 19th of April, because it's Patriot's Day. Not because it's the anniversary of the Murrah Building Bombing or the Waco Massacre. The Second Amendment March for Oklahoma City hasn't even been scheduled yet, but that hasn't stopped the concern trolls chiming in:

Are you guys going to talk about the April 19 Second Amendment demonstrations? As a person from Oklahoma City, I find the entire idea upsetting beyond belief. These protests are going to take place on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. The idea of a bunch of armed right-wingers parading around on that day -- especially here -- makes me *ill*. Do any of these people know what actually happened here on that day?

Sadly, the Second Amendment march itself won't get as much press as the conspiracy surrounding the date it's being held on.

Friday, April 16, 2010

One less Criminal Empowerment Zone.

University of Colorado Concealed Gun Ban Struck Down By Court Of Appeals.

DENVER — The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a group seeking to allow students with concealed gun permits to carry their weapons on campus.

According to Brady/VPC "logic", blood should be soon flowing through the halls of the University of Colorado. Students will be shooting professors over bad grades. Drunken frat boys will be shooting freshmen. Classroom debates will turn into shootouts. Etc, etc.

I guess time will tell. I do know that as long as concealed carry laws have been around, no one has sought to repeal them.

* Note - Be sure to peruse the comments on the HuffPo post. They rank from hilarious to flat out disturbing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At least 6 arguments for an Oklahoma State Militia.

A couple of state pols (with the prodding of the local Tea Party) have decided to push for legislation that would establish a state run militia. As expected, the collectivists have lost their collective mind, invoking the new scare-word of the month: "McVeigh". Even some of the non-collectivists are poo-pooing the idea (Looking at you Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.)).

However, there are 6 reasons every Oklahoman (even the rare leftie-Okie) should support a state run militia:
  1. The National Guard is not here - At any given moment, the National Guard can be called to some sandy place halfway around the globe, meaning there is no guarantee that the NG will be here in large enough quantities if at all in the event of a disaster.
  2. Even if the National Guard is here, they can't respond quick enough. - If any lesson can be learned from Hurricane Katrina, it's that the National Guard is a 3rd or 4th responder at best. Local police, fire and rescue are 2nd responders on days when the weather is good. The average citizen is the true first responder in an emergency. And what could be a better (not to mention faster) first response than trained and equipped citizens who are already on the scene of a disaster?
  3. It's already in the state law. - Right here.
  4. Put your money where your mouth is. - If you're one of those people still holding on to the "collective right" theory of the 2nd Amendment, now is your chance to actually support a collective right to be armed.
  5. It will improve our society. - What better way is there to serve your community while learning marksmanship, first aid, firearm safety, and other valuable life skills than in the state militia? You can join and have no fear of being shipped to your death in Carbombistan. You may even earn money for school.
  6. It's would be ours. - The National Guard belongs to the federal government. They use federally owned equipment and can be sent anywhere the federal government wants to send them. A state militia would belong to the state. They would use state (or even personally owned equipment) and would stay in the state. And should a Katrina level disaster occur, a state militia would be less likely to violate the rights of Oklahoma citizens.

Chicago: Park shooting, 4 dead.

As the weather in Chicago gets warmer, the body counts get higher:

Four people--including three children--were fatally shot early Wednesday and two others were critically injured when a family member from out of state showed up at the South Side home and began shooting--reportedly because "Allah" told him to kill his family.

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Politicians now engage in Reasoned Discourse®.

Assemblywoman Lori Saldana (collectivist-CA) is using Facebook to push her ban on Open Carry (AB 1934).

Being on Facebook, you'd think there would be an open forum where constituents could discuss the pros and cons of such legislation. And you would be thinking wrong:

Scott Smith I posted a rebuttal to to this video on her page and it got erased. While she enjoys the free publicity of creating a Face Book Page for her bill, she wont engage in debate with people who visit the page. She is a one sided elitist contemptuous liberal enforcing her own agenda and not her constituent's.

I expect "one sided elitist contemptuous liberal" behavior from the usual suspects, but coming from a politician is just unacceptable. I expect bloggers to create the smallest, darkest echo chamber their heart desires. After all, that's their right. Politicians on the other hand, even the "one sided elitist contemptuous liberal" politicians, are accountable to their constituents. Their sole existence is based on the open debate of issues with those the represent. Without debate, they are no longer politicians. They are self-serving proto-fascists.

So I urge all CA residents (or anyone really) to go to the AB 1934 page on Facebook and politely debate the issue with her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Josh Horwitz: I hate the First Amendment as much as i hate the Second.

If anything, at least he's consistent. Perhaps Josh is envious of the fact that he couldn't get nearly as many enthusiastic, dedicated people to show up in support of his ideals.

As much as he is lamenting the imaginary dangers of armed people peacefully gathering in full compliance of the law, I guarantee that on April 19th more people will be shot in gun free zones than at all of Second Amendment rallies combined.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a good thing malls are "Gun Free Zones"...

Or else someone could get shot.

Unsurprisingly, two of the three suspects have criminal records:

Officers are searching for 20-year-old Daniel Jermaine Anderson, 16-year-old Michael Mayberry and 17-year-old Anton Nelson. Anderson served a short sentence in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for possession of a controlled substance in 2008-09. Muskogee police issued a warrant for Mayberry's arrest earlier in the week on an unrelated case.

Perhaps it's time to make the "gun free zone" a less target rich environment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Father, 2 children shot on South Side.

Hopefully, this will be my last post on the war zone that used to be Chicago.

April 6, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A father and two children were shot near 61st and King Drive Tuesday night.

Witnesses say they were just walking down the street when a man walked up and shot them.

The gun banners say that when you're confronted with an armed criminal, you should just give them what they want. What if they just want to shoot you?

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11-year-old Chicago boy stabbed while saving mom from intruder.

More victims of the civilian disarmament brigade. Luckily, they came out on top this time.

Eleven-year-old Luis Reteguin is being called a hero after fighting off an intruder in his family's home on the Northwest Side Friday.
A man smelling of alcohol and carried a knife broke into the home at about 1 a.m. and entered Luis' mother's bedroom.

You have to be pretty bold to invade an occupied home with nothing more than a knife. Or you have believe that no one in the house is armed. Either way, I believe Chicago will be a safer place when it's citizens have the right to own handgun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Chicago Madness.

The past two weeks in Chicago have been very bloody. This is just the latest in a long string of events:

A 21-year-old man told authorities he shot an 84-year-old man outside a South Side McDonald's restaurant because the elderly man had "disrespected" him, Cook County prosecutors said this afternoon.

The elderly man is moderately hard of hearing and didn't understand when his attacker asked him for $1 on Monday, according to prosecutors.

Melvin Hammond responded by shooting the man, hitting him in the thigh, Assistant State's Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said as Hammond appeared in Cook County Criminal Court.

There isn't much more to say than what i've already said in other posts:
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What is going on in Chicago?

Apparently, the warm weather has caused the criminals of Chicago to lose their collective mind:

A 14-year-old boy was critically wounded after he was shot as many as three times as he was walking to school this morning in the West Side's Austin community, Chicago police said.

There are people who will maintain that this is a gun problem and all that's needed is stricter gun laws. But why is it that places where guns are exponentially more available suffer fewer crimes of this kind? Chicago doesn't have a gun problem. It has a culture problem.

A culture created by generations of broken families, career criminals, and government dependence all leading to a significant portion of the population having little to no education, no marketable skills, no desire for a better life, and no hope for a better future. And it's not limited to Chicago. Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, New Orleans, and any other city plagued with gun crime is dominated with a similar, broken culture.

Open carrier the first one to be shot?

One of the common criticisms of open-carry is that having a gun on your hip will result in an increased chance of you being the first person killed during a robbery/etc. The scenario is played out as follows: Crazed gunman runs into Starbucks, sees you with a gun on your hip, and says to himself, "That guy's armed. He's a threat. I better shoot that guy first." *BANG* Then he goes on to rob the place and/or shoot everyone else.

I've recently come across a good counterpoint to that criticism:
First One To Be Shot:
There are some who criticize open carry and claim it will make you more of a target or ‘the first one shot’ when a robber walks into the 7-11, despite the absolute lack of credible evidence that this has ever happened.


Robbing is an inherently apprehensive occupation, and one that doesn’t respond well to instant modifications. He is not prepared to commit murder when he only planned for larceny. He knows that a petty robbery will not garner the intense police manhunt a murder would. He doesn’t know if you’re an armed citizen or a police officer and isn’t going to take the time to figure it out. Either way, if someone in the 7-11 is unexpectedly armed, how many others might be similarly adorned and where might they be? Does this armed individual have a partner who is likewise armed behind him in the parking lot, someone who is watching right now? Self preservation compels him to abort the plan for one that is less risky. So we see that the logic matches the history; open carriers are not the first ones shot because it doesn’t make any sense that they would be.

And if you look at the anecdotal evidence, the author is right.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Banned in the UK...

Flame throwing scooters are illegal in the UK. The reasoning? It's considered an object converted to a firearm.

Interestingly enough, flame throwers are legal to own in most of the US as they are not considered firearms. Naturally, California is one of the states that prohibits them. You can always depend on California to ban the fun stuff.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicago: 40 shot, 4 killed in 48 hours.

Handgun ban? Check.
Assault weapons ban? Check.
Licensing and registration? Check.
No right to carry? Check.
Blood in the streets? Check.

Yes. That's almost one person shot every hour.

This is the result of the "common sense" gun laws that President Obama not only supported in Chicago, but sought to "strengthen". It's also a taste of what the VPC wants for the rest of the nation. One giant victim disarmament/criminal enabling zone.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blood in the Streets...

In Chicago, no less. One of the few places where you can't legally carry a gun.

At least 16 people were shot -- including two men who died and six people who were wounded in one chaotic Englewood incident -- in a span of about two hours late Thursday into early Friday.

View more news videos at: