Monday, May 2, 2011

Shared Responsibilty done the right way.

Jurors found two cousins guilty of first-degree murder and chose life sentences as punishment for the death of a teenage accomplice in 2009 inside a south Oklahoma City pharmacy. Read the story soon on

If you don't know these two, they are the ones who armed and coerced two teenagers into robbing a pharmacy resulting in the death of one of the teenagers.

Hopefully, their sentence is long enough to keep them off the streets. If it were up to me, they would get the death penalty, but life with no parole would be acceptable.

A humorous aside, the gentleman on the right argued that there was a "conspiracy" against him. He is referring to his felonious past being used against him in court. That is not conspiracy. That is common sense. He is a career criminal and hopefully his proven inability to function in civilized society will factor into his sentencing.

UPDATE: Both criminals are sentenced to life+time with a chance for parole. The conspiracy theorist/career criminal stuck the DA as he made his closing argument. What a real stand-up guy. Obviously, his attack on the DA is just another conspiracy.

Ersland's trial is in two weeks. Stay tuned.

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Bob S. said...

That is not conspiracy. That is common sense.

Agree and disagree. It isn't a conspiracy and it isn't really common sense.

It is the natural consequences of his actions. All actions have consequences. He deliberately and knowingly chose his path, his criminal path -- now he is seeing those consequences have an impact on his future path.

Sucks to make bad choices, doesn't it Criminal?

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