Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Jersey: Ranked #2 by the Brady Campaign.

For all we're told about low Brady Ranked states being super deadly places where bullets are just flying around killing everything, you don't hear too many stories like this coming out of them.

After the shooting of a police officer by a repeat, violent offender, this happened:
More than 100 local, county, state and federal officers completed a house-to-house search overnight in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred, at times barging into homes at gunpoint and ordering inhabitants to get on the floor.

Are Gestapo-style raids the price to pay for compromising with the gun controllers? Remember Brian Aitken? Is that part of the deal as well? One thing is for sure: That type of heavy-handed police behavior wouldn't work too well in Oklahoma. It might have something to do with being ranked 49th by the Brady Campaign.

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