Saturday, September 26, 2009

Creating the new Normal.

This is a video that's long overdue if you ask me:

Sadly, one of the many enemies of the 2nd Amendment is a subset of gun owners. Some people call them "Fudds" or "Zumbos". These are people who claim they own guns, but will always make sure to rail against "assault weapons" and the people who own them.

Some of their more popular refrains:

  • "You don't need a machine gun to hunt."
  • "Those weapons belong on the battle field."
  • "It takes more skill to hunt with my 1903 Remchester."
  • "A good hunter only needs one shot."
  • Etc.

Well, the NSSF has a new program aimed at those people, highlighting the sporting qualities of "assault weapons". In essence, creating a new Normal where the AR and other "black rifles" take their place in history next to the Remington 700s, M1 Carbines, Mauser K98s, Winchester 1894s, and other great rifles that have put food on tables, saved lives, and given countless hours of entertainment

I wonder what Jimmy Carter is going to say now?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Brady Campaign Rushes to save Mayors Against Illegal Guns...

You can see the e-mail here.

You have to wonder why the most well known anti-gun group is trying to rally it's troops to save a group that supposedly supports the Second Amendment. If anything, being associated with the Brady Campaign will draw more fire against MAIG.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lie #18: "...individuals bringing loaded guns to town hall meetings..."

In the latest Gun Guys post entitled "Gunning for the President":

The nation, sadly, has become well acquainted with the phenomenon of individuals bringing loaded guns to town hall meetings, presidential speeches and other political events.

Here Gun Guys is engaging in the age-old practice of missing lies with truth in order to give them credibility.

No guns were brought into town hall meetings or presidential speeches, because they are prohibited by law from those events. However, "other political events" could refer to anything from protests to appearances by representatives at the local grocery store, where people did carry guns and legally so.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is why you lock them up.

On Mikeb302000's blog, I called it:
That may work with young, first-time offenders, but for older, habitual offenders, it's completely pointless. These are people who have made crime into a lifestyle and are more often than not, completely unrepentant for doing so. For those types of offenders, I say keep them locked up. Not only for the safety of society, but their own safety as well. Because it's only a matter of time before they come across an armed citizen who will guarantee they'll never go through the criminal justice system again.

And what happens? Repeat offender killed during the commission of a crime.

The new details shed more light on the circumstances that led up to the death of Donald D. Rice, 49, a repeat offender who had been released from jail over the weekend.

He didn't even wait a whole week before going back to his criminal lifestyle. And the guy bled to death after having his left hand severed with a sword. That's an agonizing way to die. And imagine if Rice had a gun and decided to shoot his sword wielding captor. That would have been a true tragedy.

Luckily that wasn't the case. For now, only the criminal has paid the price for the criminal's (and government's) stupidity. They are still deciding on whether to charge the sword wielding student. Even if they don't charge him, his life will never be the same again.

If you think rehabilitation will help career criminals, here is another criminal killed during the commission of a crime:

A suspected burglar who was shot to death by a Nichols Hills police officer Monday morning was an inmate on a work release program, according to department of correction records.

Here you have a criminal in a rehabilitation program still committing crimes. Again, luckily, only the criminal has paid the price for the criminal's (and government's) stupidity. Sadly, the police officer's life will never be the same again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

" house is safe if it has a gun in it."

In the words of Gloria Steinem, feminist icon:

What we need is a big national movement, like MADD, that simply says no house is safe if it has a gun in it. That connects our home and our lives to the armaments everywhere.

It seems Gloria is a student of the often debunked Kellerman study.

And what is "safe"? Ms. Steinem thinks safe is being disarmed. Most of the commenters at Feministing disagree with her:

...nothing equalizes the physical power discrepancy between a large man and a small woman like a gun.

Apparently, they didn't get the memo that "guns are bad news for women".

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jews and Guns.

Now this is a good attitude:

"Jews are not like Christians. If I turn my cheek, I'm coming around to make a kick." Stuart Rosenberg, who provides martial arts training for the group, said: "Our idea is you can't be spiritual if you're dead. You have to be able to fight back to live another day."

Now compare that to this attitude:
As for the debate over guns, in a short post at Beliefnet, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, author, radio and TV talk show host, and President of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, asked: “Whatever one thinks about guns, gun ownership, or gun laws, do we really need any more religious leaders officiating over a marriage between faith and firearms?”

Of course, Brad also weighs in on the armed rabbis.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gun manufacturers and safety.

One of the many anti-gun canards is that gun manufacturers need the federal government to set design standards and recall dangerous products.

It seems like the gun and ammo manufacturers do a pretty good job of it themselves. I mean, when is the last time a car manufacturer reimbursed the buyer of a flawed car 100% without being taken to court?