Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A cop who gets it.

From a law enforcement officer on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Daniel Harless:

“One of the things I love about living in Texas is the Texas Castle Law,” Ingram said.

“I can guarantee you that if someone breaks into my house, I’m going to shoot him,” he said.

“I really mean what I said, if burglars don’t want to get shot, then they need to stop breaking into people’s homes,” said the Sheriff.

Amen, Sheriff. We need more like you and fewer like Daniel Harless in law enforcement.


Braden Lynch said...

Question: What do you do to your 5 year old who is misbehaving and you want to correct it? You discipline them. They quickly learn that having a tantrum can result in unpleasant consequences and they stop doing it!

The same is true of criminals. Most people will not become criminals for fear of punishment. If enough people shoot home invaders, the problem will go away, either through attrition (they all give up their nasty oxygen habit) or they are persuaded that a better line of employment is in order.

Note: I do not have a rocket science degree, yet this approach should be axiomatic to all.

I like this LEO. He's smart.

Mike W. said...

It's amazing how difficult it is for some folks to understand what is an astonishingly simple concept.

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