Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One very dumb criminal.

Mugger picks wrong victim: MMA fighter

“At that moment, he backs up the gun and he racks it,” Justin recalled. “The gun jammed. He racked it a second time. He ejected the bullet on the ground. He went down and grabbed the bullet and said, ‘Look, m-----f-----, it’s a hollow point. I’ll blow your brains out.’”

It's not picking on an MMA fighter that made this criminal dumb. I've seen quite a few "expert fighters" come out on the losing side of a fight with a less experienced opponent.

It's the fact that he doesn't know a proper failure drill that makes him dumb. Not a single gun fighting course recommends that after clearing a failure, you pick up the ejected cartridge and hold it up as an example of the potential damage you may inflict upon your adversary.

And here is my favorite line of the story:
“I wasn’t scared because I’m trained,” Justin explained.

The moral of this story is that in a crisis, no one rises to the occasion. They only fall back to their last successful level of training.

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