Monday, May 11, 2009

Lie #17: "There aren't any laws on the books."

"All of our gun laws are basically set with the presumption that we don't want to do anything to make it hard for anybody to get a gun,” Helmke said. “People always say there are all these laws on the books. There aren't any laws on the books.”

Is Paul Helmke a liar or just stupid? I'm putting my money on both. I'm guessing desperation is making him say anything with the hopes that it will stick.

Just a little primer for Paul on those laws that aren't on the books:

National Firearms Act
Gun Control Act of 1968

We even have an entire federal organization dedicated to enforcing these laws that aren't on the book.

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mikeb302000 said...

Aztec, I think you must be taking that quote out of context. Certainly you don't think Helmke is saying straight up that there are no laws on the books. For you to say that could be interpreted as "desperation."

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