Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garry McCarthy.

He's a New Jersey transplant (and before that transplanted from New York), who moved to Chicago, is a friend and appointee of Rahm Emmanuel, preaching in Snuffy Pfleger's church, and his last name is McCarthy. Basically, there is nothing right with this man.

Am I the only one who sees the irony of him lambasting all sorts of racist institutions while he spends his career enforcing the modern day slave codes that essentially keep the law-abiding, majority black citizens of Chicago unarmed?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shooting is fun.

And it's reason numero uno why gun rights supporters are so much more avid, vocal, and numerous than the gun control/ban movement. There is not a single event the Brady Campaign, VPC, or CSGV can hold that will put nearly as many smiles on so many faces.

I mean ask yourself: Would you rather attend one of the Brady Campaign's $1500 per plate dinners where you get to listen to ex-cons lecture you on the evils of guns OR would you rather blow away a Porsche for charity?

I know which one i'm choosing.

via Auto Blog:

There is not a single event the Brady Campaign, VPC, or CSGV can hold that will put nearly as many smiles on so many faces.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Brady Campaign's newest criminal friend.

First Adam Gadahn. Now Plaxico Burress.

Paul Helmke via HuffPo:
Burress contacted the Brady Center last year and told us that when he was released from prison, he wanted to spend his time warning young people, especially, about the risks and dangers of guns.

Who is going to be the next Brady Campaign spokesperson? Lee Paige?

Have terrorists ever had a problem acquiring weapons?

Aside from the fact that you can't buy machine guns at gun shows, has a terrorist ever had a problem getting guns? Guns are all but completely outlawed in India, but that had no effect on the Mumbai Massacre. You could completely outlaw the sale of firearms in the US and go door-to-door and pull a Diane Feinstein and you still couldn't stop a terrorist attack.

Unsurprisingly, the gun-controllers/banners are set to exploit their new terrorist friend, Adam Gadahn.

A mass terrorist shooting is inevitable on US soil and there is only one way to limit the damage of such an event. We have to do what the Indian citizens couldn't do and what the Indian police didn't do: Shoot back.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is not a coincidence at all...

That most of the Brady Campaign's top 5 states are the least free according to the Mercatus Center's study titled 'Freedom in the 50 States':

Mercatus Center Brady Campaign
50. New York 4. New York
49. New Jersey 2. New Jersey
48. California 1. California
47. Hawaii * 6. Hawaii
46. Massachusetts 3. Massachusetts

Just click the state name for an example of the anti-freedom atrocities committed in these states against the people.

* No story for Hawaii yet.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Illinois: It's time for you to join the rest of the nation.

You need some form of firearm carry now.

ISRA warns members to “avoid Chicago as a vacation destination”:
The ISRA is warning its members to think twice about selecting Chicago as a vacation destination this summer. This warning was issued in response to a recent dramatic upswing in violent crime in the windy city. Most notably is a spate of so-called “flash mob” attacks where as many as two dozen young men ambush and savagely beat their victims before robbing them of their valuables. One recent flash mob victim was a 68 year-old man.

The bulk of the flash mob attacks have taken place on Chicago’s near north side and Gold Coast areas to include North Avenue Beach and the Magnificent Mile. The attack locations are within the general vicinity of tourist attractions including Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park.

Thus far, the Chicago Police Department has had little luck controlling these flash mobs with only 4 participants having been apprehended. This ability to confound the police stems from the very nature of flash mobbing. Participants either get a text message on their smart phone or receive a “tweet” on a social networking site telling them where to show up and how to behave – with the specified behavior usually involving larceny or assault. Flash mob participants arrive at the site at a particular time and, after committing the specified crimes, scatter before police can arrive. The sheer number of flash mob participants overpowers the victims – rendering them helpless against the mob.

As most of our readers know, the most effective defense a victim could muster against a flash mob would be for the victim to draw a concealed firearm. As most of our readers also know, Illinois is one of only two states in the nation that deny citizens the right to carry defensive firearms.

It's obvious that the Chicago machine is going to do everything it can to prevent Illinois citizens from carrying a gun for self-defense. Hell, Chicago barely lets people own a gun period. So it's up to the people of Illinois to take their rights back and take responsibility for their own safety. I don't usually advocate breaking the law, but sometimes good people have to break bad laws.