Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to spot a phony.

From A Gunsmith's view on Gun Control:
Regarding Mayor Adams' proposals for gun control, I must add my perspective. As a former Army officer, gunsmith, member of the NRA and a competitive marksman,

A common tactic of gun-controllers/banners who decide to "fake the funk" is the listing of all sorts of "qualifications". Usually some combination of hunting, military service, and law enforcement. This is done to win the respect of the uninformed and uneducated and lend credibility to any following lies and misinformation.

I see no reason why citizens, other than law enforcement, should have free access to armor-piercing rounds, military or automatic weapons, extended clips or undocumented purchases at gun shows.

And there you have it. The lies and misinformation. True armor piercing rounds are already banned. Under current restrictions, there is no "free access" to automatic weapons. "Military weapons" include anything considering most civilian weapons have either been used by the military or are patterned after military weapons, so that's just a baseless scare phrase. "Extended clips" is another anti-gun buzzword and not one commonly used by real gunsmiths.

When the U.S. faced the most egregious assault on our constitutional rights in its modern history, the NRA sat silently while George W. Bush emasculated the rights of us all

Then of course there is a healthy dose Bush Derangement Syndrome that only a leftist gun-controller/banner can conjure up. Of course it completely leaves out the fact that the NRA is a gun rights organization, not an "all rights" organization. His argument should be taken up with the ACLU, not the NRA. But then again, facts have never been important to gun-controllers/banners.

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