Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rachel Maddow interviews a baby RINO. Lies, myths, and misinformation abound.

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If you don't want to subject yourself to watching the video, here are the highlights:

1:13 - McCain goes in on "semi-assault rifles". Considering "semi-assault rifles" do not exist, she's more than likely referring to Josh Sugarmman's invented term "assault weapons". A term used to demonize some of the most popular and least abused firearms on the market.

1:30 - Maddow goes on about the standard capacity magazine for a Glock 19 being 10-12 rounds (which is wrong). She also states that Jared Loughner could not have bought 33 round magazines during the Assault Weapons Ban. That's wrong too.

2:35 - McCain plays the Dick Cheney card, because when it comes to guns, Dick Cheney is the guy you should trust.

3:03 - Slippery slope argument is brought up and how gun owners shouldn't fear it, ignoring the fact that gun control groups consider their agenda "the first step" on what can only be assumed to be a downward slope towards increasing the restrictions on guns.

4:45 - Maddow starts again on the false notion that if the Assault Weapons Ban had been in place, Jared Loughner wouldn't have had a 33 round magazine.

6:15 - McCain demonstrates that she has absolutely no idea what the gun show loophole is. She describes it as, "buying a gun the day you are present". Massive fail.

7:30 - McCain says her belief in banning many standard capacity magazines is not popular at the NRA convention. Geez... Ya think? She also says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle", which isn't surprising considering such a thing does not exist. She also says that she doesn't see a need for the average citizen to own one.

9:10 - Maddow brings up the fact that 200+ people who were on the terrorist watch list were able to buy guns. Naturally, she ignores some important facts: 1). none of the people on the terrorist watch list have been convicted of an act of a crime. 2). There are 2 year olds on the terrorist watch list. 3). There is this little thing called due process where the government can't strip you of your rights without things like trials and actually letting you know why they're doing. It's odd that such an avid critic of Bush as Maddow is actually endorsing Bush doctrine.

11:50 - Again, McCain says she doesn't own a "semi-assault rifle". This time she follows it up with some "ZOMG they're so powerful!"

And there you have it folks. If the Second Amendment is sold up the river, it will be at the hands of so-called "conservatives" like Megan McCain, not people like Barack Obama, Carolyn McCarthy, Michael Bloomberg, and the other obvious and outspoken enemies of the Second Amendment. In fact, i'd consider the ignorance of people like Megan McCain the second biggest threat to the Second Amendment right after gun owner apathy.


Anonymous said...

I always considered Megan McCain to not even be a RINO. I dismissed her after just a few stupid liberal comments a while back. She sure as hell does not represent conservatives. Oh sorry, but my Second Amendmnet (SA) rights are not up for any more regulation (too many laws already need to be rescinded). Either bring out an amendment challenge to the SA or go away quietly!

AztecRed said...

Megan McCain is like her father. She's an appeaser. Seeking acceptance in any way possible. As a result,she really stands for nothing, just like her father.

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