Friday, March 4, 2011

Blood in the Streets: Campus Carry Edition.

When right-to-carry laws were first passed, the gun-controller/banner movement wailed about how every day situations would somehow turn into gun fights. Fender benders, arguments over parking spaces, and arguments at little league games were supposed to turn into blood baths if a firearm were legally present. Blood would run in the streets. That falls in line with the gun-controller/banner belief that firearms have some sort of influence over the thoughts of the person who holds it, much like a drug or magic talisman.

However, the past 25 years of right-to-carry has proven their belief wrong. Not a single state or municipality can link right-to-carry to an increase in criminal shootings. People who legally carry a gun are more law-abiding on average than the population at large. As a result, not a single state has moved to repeal it's right-to-carry laws. In fact, some states are moving to expand right-to-carry to more places, such as college campuses. And with that expansion comes more warnings of "Blood in the Streets".

The new belief is that if legally carried guns are allowed on college campuses, there will be shootouts over broken romances, bad grades, binge drinking, and coke parties; That a person who is sane and law-abiding enough to carry a gun in movie theaters, restaurants, and stores will turn into a drunken, drug riddled, psychopath waiting to shoot at the slightest provocation upon crossing an arbitray line.

Of course that is complete and utter nonsense. As campus carry is passed in more places, we will see that the rate of criminal shootings on college campuses will either decrease, or at the worst, remain unchanged. And much like right-to-carry off campus, right-to-carry on campus will spread across the nation as more people realize that the gun-controller/banner fears of "Blood in the Streets" are unfounded.

But the greatest, potential long-term benefit of campus carry is one of the darkest fears of the gun-controllers/banners: More people will buy more guns at a younger age, resulting in more gun owners who will resist their future efforts.

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