Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Compromise only leads to the demise of the honorable. Never compromise with your enemy.

Compromise will never happen. And it's not because of a lack of effort on the side of 2nd Amendment advocates. There are a number of 2nd Amendment advocates who will accept new legislation in exchange for repealing current legislation. That is true compromise.

What stands in the way of compromise is the fact that the gun-controllers/banners, can never be satisfied. They refuse to give up any current legislation and will forever pursue new legislation. Helmke says he would love for his job to go away in 3 years. I'm doubtful of that. He brings up the example of Britain and their 55 gun murders per year. Such a low number hasn't given way to the retirement of Britain's gun-controllers/banners (nor has it given way to a less progressive gun-banning agenda), so why should we believe Paul Helmke and his cadre would fade away upon reaching an arbitrary goal? They'll simply do what they do best and move goal posts.

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