Thursday, May 26, 2011

The one dimensional mind of a gun controller/banner.

Baldr Odinson of New Trajectory:
If you came upon someone on the street who was smoking pot and clearly stoned, how would you feel if they were handed a loaded gun? Do you think that person would have sound judgment, enough to handle a lethal weapon? Would they have good aim? Would you feel safer?

In the simplistic, one-dimensional world of gun-control/banning, a ruling against law enforcement officers denying concealed carry permits to those who hold medical marijuana cards means that everyone who has a medical marijuana card and a concealed carry permit will be walking around stoned with a gun.

Of course reality isn't that simple or one-dimensional.

We as a society trust those who are of legal drinking age to drive automobiles and it's clearly evident that our trust isn't misplaced. We have a statistically irrelevant number of DUI arrests per year compared to the total number of licensed drivers on the road (1.5 million out of 196 million or approximately 0.8% ). It's time we as a society give that same amount of trust to those who have medical marijuana cards.

If less than 10% of medical marijuana card holders carry under the influence, then it's worth it. Nine people being able to defend themselves is worth the price of one idiot who abuses the right to do so.

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