Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is help really just a phone call away?

Apparently not. Just because you call 911, it doesn't mean the person on the other end is working in your best interests:

REDDING, Calif. -- On Oct., 21 Donna Hopper's life changed forever. She was scared by a man trying to break into her Redding home so she got her gun and when the intruder started coming in she shot and killed him


Hearing Hopper sobbing and shaken, the operator works to keep her calm, as Redding Police rush to the house. Hopper fired two shots, but it was not enough to scare him off.

DH: He's coming back. I can see his shadow.

911: Okay. Where is he at?

Dh: (Sobs)

911: Donna?

DH: Just a minute. He's coming in to my front yard.Oh God. He's coming through the window. I'm gonna shoot him again!

911: No. Uh, ma'am. Don't.

You can follow the link and listen to the entire 911 call.

My take: If someone is bad/bol/drunk/drugged-up enough to be shot at twice and still continue breaking into your house, it's a good idea to shoot them, because I don't think they're coming into have tea and cakes with you.

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