Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hunting with a suppressor may soon be legal in Oklahoma. (updated)

Who would be against noise pollution and protecting one's hearing? Not any rational person, that's for sure. That's why SB 1743 passed both the House and Senate relatively unopposed. via NRA-ILA:
Today, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to legalize the use of suppressors while hunting through passage of Senate Bill 1743 by a 78 to 3 vote. Last week, SB 1743 passed in the state Senate by a 44 to 0 vote. This bill now heads to Governor Mary Fallin for her consideration and approval.
Another good pro-gun bill is soon to hit Governor Fallin's desk. Hopefully she keeps up her winning streak and signs this one as well.

BTW, these are the 3 house representatives who are in favor of noise pollution and ruining your hearing:
Paul Roan*
Mike Shelton*
Ben Sherrer

* These two also voted against the recently passed open carry bill. Make sure when election day comes, you alter your vote accordingly.

UPDATE (5/25/12)
Governor Fallin signed SB 1743.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open Carry in Oklahoma.

Thanks to the hard work of gun owners and legislators, Oklahoma has now joined the overwhelming majority of the country and become an open carry state:
OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin has signed into law Senate Bill 1733, a measure that allows Oklahoma citizens to openly carry firearms. Governor Mary Fallin signed the legislation on Tuesday, May 15. The bill permits those who are licensed, or already have been licensed, to carry a firearm under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act to openly carry a weapon or conceal it. It also allows property owners to openly carry a firearm on their property without a concealed carry permit for the purpose of self defense.
Additional thanks should go to Governor Mary Fallin for signing the bill. She has lived up to her A+ NRA rating and my expectations of her.

And no thanks at all should go to the following individuals who voted against the open carry bill:

From the House:

 From the Senate:
 Johnson, C.

 Both my House and Senate reps voted against the bill. I will be altering my voting habits accordingly.

Sen. Constance Johnson is wrong about Open Carry.

In the US News Debate Forum, Democratic Oklahoma state senator Constance Johnson writes an argument against open carry claiming that it's an invitation to chaos. Like any other anti-gun argument, none of her argument is based on facts or statistics and is instead heavily based on speculation and fear of the chaos which has never manifested itself in any other open carry state.

 The reality is that Oklahoma's Open Carry law will change very little of our current self-defense law. It doesn't allow anyone to carry guns in any new public places. No new individuals will be allowed to carry a gun. It doesn't allow anyone to brandish a gun or shoot people for any reason. The law essentially makes a concealed carry license into a concealed/open carry license. All other laws still apply. There will be no more chaos after this law than before.