Monday, March 7, 2011

Blood in the Streets: Gun Free Edition.

In my last post, I mentioned the gun-controllers/banners baseless fear that law abiding citizens carrying guns would lead to shootouts over parking spaces. The corollary being that with fewer law-abiding people carrying guns, the process of fighting over a parking space would be safer. Obviously, that is not true.

In New York City where the right to own and carry a handgun is severely infringed, arguing over a parking space is still equally as deadly if not more deadly than in Phoenix, Oklahoma City, or any other city that respects the 2nd Amendment:

Gun-controllers/banners love to blame law-abiding gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates for gun violence. "Shared Responsibility" they call it. I believe it's only fair that they share the responsibility for this woman being in a coma, because if not for their crusade against guns and their blessing of NYC's draconian gun laws, this woman may have been armed and able to defend herself.

It's also a great time to remind you that President Obama would prefer she be in a coma, than able to defend herself.

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