Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lots of gun friendly laws being proposed in Oklahoma.

All sorts of gunny goodness:

HB 1291 Firearms Freedom Act
HB 1400 Open Carry Act
HB 1796 Another Open Carry Act
HB 553 Expands concealed carry to some currently prohibited places
SB 896 Campus Carry

And the Jerome Ersland Act:
OKLAHOMA CITY -- A state senator is proposing a new law that would be known as the "Jerome Ersland Act." Senator Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) says the bill would presume that a business owner was acting in self-defense if that owner shoots and kills an armed robber.

If any of these make their way to Governor Fallin's desk, they should be signed. After all, she has a reputation to uphold.

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