Sunday, January 24, 2010

When you outlaw guns...

Women and children will be left defenseless and their jilted lovers will still be armed and dangerous.

From the gun-free, Utopia of New York City:
The jealous lover charged in a Brooklyn bloodbath stabbed the victims - his girlfriend and her two little girls - more than a dozen times each, police sources said Saturday.

Who will dance in their blood? VPC? Brady Campaign? CSGV? Bueller?

Had these 3 individuals been shot a dozen times, there would have been press releases, articles on Huffington Post, Michael Bloomberg on a cross, and calls for the president to enact Common-Sense® legislation (something more Common-Sense® than NYC's outright ban on nearly everything gun related).

Apparently if you get stabbed to death, the attitude from those who claim to want to save so many lives is "tough shit".

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