Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Waving guns their firearms at the passing traffic?

Being an opinion writer is no excuse for being a liar.

Walt Rubel Sun-News Managing Editor
"...nothing will "put a positive light on gun ownership" quite like inviting every yahoo with a weapon in southern New Mexico to gather at the busiest intersection in Alamogordo and wave their firearms at the passing traffic."

Except no one was waving firearms at passing traffic. Not a single gun was unholstered or unslung. In fact, the protest was peaceful, without a single arrest, and even praised.

Michael Johnson For the Sun-News

There were plenty of handguns and rifles on display, but no violence and no reports of arrests.


"They were a bit loud, but they were polite," said Don Omey, coordinator of the Otero Tea Party Patriots, of Alamogordo 2ATF members. "They didn't get on anyone's case. I was proud of the way they conducted themselves - and I was glad to have the turnout. That's what we need to turn some minds around."

Of course there is always a party pooper:

Denise Lang was positioned in front of Founders Park, located diagonally from the Alamogordo Airborne Memorial. Lang, a Democrat, said the gun display was not necessary.
"I see it as being juvenile and adolescent," she said. "I'm very much a pro-gun rights person. I come from a military family. My late husband was a gunsmith, but I think gun use is okay in an appropriate time and place. Wearing guns to a protest, to me, is extremely juvenile."

So congrats to the protesters for not giving the gun controllers the chaos and bloodshed they hope for expect whenever someone carries a gun.

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