Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WWR²P: Who Would Rob Russell Punch?

Rob Russell:
You, however, have demonstrated considerable irresponsibility in your arguments and in your personal attacks on this blogger, who also happens to be my wife. Send me your home address and I’ll come to your house and punch your fucking face in. Unless you are a pussy who can’t fight without a gun in his hand.

Punchgate? Russelloo? Whatever you want to call it, you can find the story here, here, and here.

Remember... Rob Russell ran for public office. Rob Russell also helps mold young minds.

And most important of all, remember:

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mikeb302000 said...

I'm laughing right now at the incredible explosion this thing was. You know why? Because some of your pro-gun buddies decided to feign outrage in order to attack the guy. Russell said some stupid shit and then the self-righteous went on the attack, guys like Linoge and Bob S.

Anyway, I thought it was quite the masterful turnaround SFL achieved.

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