Monday, January 11, 2010

Another sad tale from Bizarro World.

On this blog, England will be officially known as Bizarro World.

via the Dailymail
"Miss Klass, 31, who is described as a television presenter and Marks & Spencer model, was home alone with her two-year-old daughter when she disturbed two youths acting suspiciously in her back garden in the early hours.
They attempted to break in to her garden shed, and as they approached the kitchen window she waved a knife to scare them off.

When the police arrived on the scene the youths had fled, leaving only footsteps in the snow. Rather than follow their trail, the officers were more concerned with Miss Klass's reaction. They told her she should not have brandished the kitchen knife because it was an offensive weapon and she could be arrested.

Her agent said: 'Myleene was utterly terrified. She was aghast when she was told that the law did not allow her to defend herself in her own home."

I'm not aghast. Now if the Bizarro World police had actually tried to look for the trespassers while making sure to do extra drive bys of Ms. Klass' property, that would leave me aghast.

"When Hertfordshire Police talk about 'safety, justice and reassurance for all', they include criminals, too.

Like all police forces today, they are as concerned about the safety of villains as they are about the victims."

England's Top Cop
"Me Bizarro save villains!"

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