Friday, January 29, 2010

"...if he had a gun, he might have used it."

State Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary
"Smith said he once became so angry at a man who was picking on him at a dance that if he had a gun, he might have used it."

In his attempt to fight pro-gun legislation in Indiana, Rep. Smith engages in a bit of Kabuki theater:

Donning a National Rifle Association cap and holding a toy pistol, state Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary, walked to the front of the Indiana House floor.

Explaining his support for the "Wild Wild West," he fired the fake pistol, saying, "Bang, bang, shoot 'em up!"

"This is indeed an NRA state," Smith said. "I pledge allegiance, not to the flag, but to the NRA."

The Indiana House says Noh.

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