Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gun Guys playing the race card again.

Apparently, it's time for their yearly, "Black People Should Support Gun Control" post. It's the same story as usual: Out of all ethnic groups, black people are the most likely to get shot to death, which on the surface is true.

However, as always, they ignore the fact that not only is a black person the least likely to own a gun, they are also most likely to be killed by another black person. In other words, there are other ethnicities out there that own more guns and manage to kill not only fewer of each other, but fewer people in general.

That means guns aren't the problem. The real killers in the black community are the higher rates of poverty, low quality/no education, drug use, fatherless homes, and gang involvement.

They didn't get it last year. They didn't get it the year before last. They didn't get it this year. Maybe they'll get it next year. I doubt it though.

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