Friday, January 8, 2010

Gun control and bigotry.

Some people tend to believe that just because someone was a victim of bigotry in the past, they can't be bigots themselves.

JadeGold's comments in green, mine in red:

Before I give AztecRed a little history lesson on bigotry, think it important to note that many groups who actively support gun control are Jewish: the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Hadassah, the Jewish Labor Committee, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations--to name a few.


So what we have here are the leading groups of people who were (and are) victims of genuine bigotry supporting gun control.

No one said minorities couldn't be bigots themselves. The long-standing animosity between both blacks and jews should stand as testament to that. So it's no surprise that you can find minority groups that are also for gun control.

Your answer appears to that because virtualy all the major US Jewish and African-American organizations strongly support gun control--they are all bigots. Thus, virtually all Jews and African Americans are bigots because most align themselves with these organizations.

Have you any sense of how ridiculous you sound?

It doesn't sound so ridiculous when you have proof.

ADL engages in stereotyping, bigotry against gun owners.

I personally love this gem from ADL National Director Abraham Foxman:

"Extremists and those who commit hate crimes pose a serious threat to the safety of the general public and, more specifically, to the members of the discrete racial, ethnic and religious groups who often become their targets..."

Taking into account this is part of the ADL's amicus curiae brief in the Chicago vs McDonald case, it seems a bit backwards. His plan is to essentially defend the gun ban that renders defenseless one of the "racial, ethnic... groups who often become" the targets of the so-called "extremist". Namely, the black people of Chicago who make up over 1/3 of it's population. But this is no surprise considering the racist roots of gun control.

So yes, JadeGold. Those organizations, particularyly the ADL, are bigots. Being victims of bigotry doesn't preclude them from being bigots themselves. Supporting Chicago's "experimentation" that disproportionately affects black people is bigotry.

Any group of previously or currently marginalized people who support the gun controllers incremental civilian disarmament program (or "experimentation" as they call it) is essentially working in concert with the very bigots who wish to keep them marginalized and defenseless, thus becoming bigots themselves. Or as Mike Vanderboegh would call them, Judendienstordnung.

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