Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why do they even have police?

What purpose is served by disarming those who are supposed to protect the disarmed?

via The Daily Express:

CRAZED gunman Derrick Bird was cornered by police after killing three people but pointed his firearm at the ­officers and escaped to murder nine more, it emerged yesterday.
The unarmed officers finally caught up with Bird’s grey Citroen Picasso but were forced to dive for cover when he pulled into a driveway and aimed his gun at them.
They were forced to dive for cover under their dashboard, allowing Bird to drive off and claim nine more victims.

In the US, when an active shooter kills a dozen people, it's usually because the police have yet to respond. Yet in the UK, the police respond, confront the shooter, and being unarmed, allow the shooter to continue killing at his leisure.

Keep in mind that this insanity is not without American approval:
To gun banners, there is no such thing as a good gun. They want them all. When Tom Diaz, of the Violence Policy Center, was on Gun Talk, I forced him to admit that he would like to ban all guns. What about the police, I asked. Once we get all the other guns, he said, the police won't need their guns, either.

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