Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hanging on till the bitter end.

It appears Richard Daley is going to go down kicking and screaming. As the McDonald ruling approaches, his words and actions become more and more erratic, if not completely nonsensical:

"Look at all the guns that shot people this weekend. Where did they come from? That is the issue," Daley said at a South Side high school Tuesday.

It's not guns that shot those people. It's criminals that shot those people. Where the guns come from is irrelevant. If you eliminate one source, the criminals will just find another source. Eliminating guns is pointless if you do not also eliminate the criminals that use them.

Daley also recently proposed legislation for the entire state that would require semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered for sale in Illinois to be capable of "micro-stamping." The technology helps law enforcement link spent ammunition with the gun used to fire it.

Micro-stamping is a useless technology that is easily defeated with basic hand tools. Luckily there is a breath of sanity in Illinois:
Gov. Pat Quinn told reporters at a separate news conference in Chicago on Tuesday that Illinois needs tough laws punishing people who commit gun crimes.

"Those who commit gun violence need to go to jail and stay there," he said.

Finally, someone is standing against the catch-n-release justice system that has literally turned certain parts of Chicago into a war zone.

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