Monday, June 21, 2010

Maddow gets it completely backwards.

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Apparently, she has completely ignored the fact that while one group fought for prohibition, the other fights against it. If she wanted to be accurate in her analogy, she should have picked a gun prohibition group like the VPC that has made a case for banning a good majority of the firearms that are currently on the market.

Of course she brings up a slew of half-truths and lies:

1. "People on terrorist watch lists..." - Yes. Believe it or not, American citizens who are guilty of no crime other than being arbitrarily placed on a secret government list have both the right to keep and bear arms and the right to due process.

2. "Felons to have gun rights..." - Only at the discretion of the court who determines if the felon is a risk for violence or not, can a felon have their rights restored.

3. "Crazy people to have gun rights..." - Wrong. The so-called "crazy people" she refers to are people who have voluntarily sought mental health care and have not been adjudicated as “mental defective”. In other words, simply seeking out counseling for PTSD or a cigarette addiction will not result in a loss of your rights.

4. "Assault rifle..." - Old and debunked. More than likely she meant the manufactured term "assault weapon" that's arbitrarily applied to anything from pump action shot guns to .22 caliber Olympic pistols, depending on your state of residence.

5. ".50 caliber" - Aside from the fact a .50 caliber bullet is not the size of a carrot (unless it's a baby carrot), crimes commited with .50 caliber rifles are statistically irrelevant. In the nearly 30 years .50 caliber rifles have been on the market, you can count the number of criminal misuses on one hand. And no, you can't shoot down an aircraft with one.

Etc, etc.

Hopefully this type of spin job isn't becoming typical of MSspiNBC.

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