Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is a responsible adult?

Richard Daley's response to the McDonald ruling:

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King Richard says, "We'll work even harder to make sure only responsible adults can have access to guns across the nation." We all saw how that worked in Chicago. They just deemed every person in the city not responsible enough to have access to a handgun.

And notice that at no point did he mention any legislative action that actually addresses the "gun and drug thugs" that he claims to want to stand up to. Everything he said was about guns. Nothing about criminals. That is why despite the McDonald ruling, Chicago will continue to bleed. The Chicago bureaucracy will continue it's idiotic attack on guns while completely ignoring the criminals.

As i've said in a previous post, it is too soon to celebrate. McDonald is just a first step.

The ultimate solution to Chicago's crime problem is to get rid of Richard Daley and his entire corrupt political machine and replace them with competent politicians who realize that further eroding the rights of those who have committed no crime is not standing up to the "gun and drug thugs".

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