Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not even 24 hours later, the Brady Campaign lies...

The ink is barely dry on the McDonald ruling and the Brady Campaign is already spinning for donations. And it appears the only way they can spin is to completely falsify the position of their opposition:

"We are reassured that the Court has rejected, once again, the gun lobby argument that its ‘any gun, for anybody, anywhere’ agenda is protected by the Constitution."

That was never the argument. Not in McDonald. Not in Heller. Not in any case. The "‘any gun, for anybody, anywhere’" meme is nothing more than a Brady-manufactured bogeyman. I'd dare the Brady Campaign to find any occurrence of the "gun lobby" arguing for "‘any gun, for anybody, anywhere’", but we all know they can't.

So why lie, Paul Helmke?

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Anonymous said...

To watch the gun control groups express their anger at a repeal of a total gun ban is to come to the only conclusion possible - that their intention is to totally ban guns. Enacting registration schemes, waiting periods, forcing trigger lock laws, etc., is simply something for them to do in the meantime.

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