Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MSspiNBC's creative video editing.

MSNBC crops a video of a black man carrying a rifle in order to push their agenda that it's racist white men bringing guns to town hall rallies.

Here is the complete picture:
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Weer'd Beard said...

Well the true racists would quickly call that guy an "Uncle Tom", much like Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Colin Powel have been called as such because they defeat the argument that the Republican Party is the party of racist white men.

Meanwhile we have a President who spent 20 years, as well as his wedding day and the baptism of both his children in Trinity United Church of Christ....

AztecRed said...

All too true about being called "Uncle Tom".

Again, it was on MSNBC where Janeane Garofalo said that the black people who were attending the Tea Parties suffered from Stockholm Syndrome.

justin albert said...

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