Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will the real Barack Obama stand up?

Tonight is the State of the Union Address. When it comes to guns, Barack Obama has two choices: He can continue down his current path of hiding from and avoiding his pre-POTUS roots as a big-city gun banner OR we will witness the resurgence of the real Barack Obama. The anti concealed-carry, anti "assault weapon", Fudd-pandering elitist this blog was created to examine.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: In terms of gun control, the SOTU Address was a non-event. President Obama said nothing about guns and the only people who noticed were the members of gun banner brigade and George Stephanopoulos.

What does this mean? Nothing really. Obama's position hasn't changed since he has taken office.

From the Today Show:
MATT LAUER: And real quickly, if you will, in the wake of those tragic shootings out in Tucson, there have been calls by some for tougher gun laws in this country. The mayor of New York City, at an event yesterday called on the President to use this opportunity to get tough on gun laws and to change the way background checks are done for gun purchasers. Will the President directly address gun control in tonight's speech?

VALERIE JARRETT: I'm not gonna preview for tonight what he is going to say in the speech, specifically, but what I will say is obviously we're gonna have an empty seat in the chamber. Congresswoman Giffords, although she is recovering, she has a long way to go. It is a reminder of how we have to work to bring down crime, how we have to work to build an environment of civility where we can disagree without leading to violence. And the President clearly has always stated that he supports the assault weapons ban. So I don't want to get to much into the details of tonight. But certainly an empty seat in the House is a reminder for everyone, not just there this evening, but around the country.

It's obvious that President Obama has realized that gun control (especially the assault weapon ban) is bad politics pushed by a small, yet vocal minority and he is not willing to risk the rest of his political agenda on the hunches of few anti-gun busybodies.

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