Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tuscon, AZ: And it begins. (continuously updated)

First Mexico, now this.

Looks like the perfect storm is on the horizon. And don't doubt for a minute that The Usual Suspects are polishing their dancing shoes.

So what will happen next? We'll find out that the shooter had a "high powered semi-automatic assault weapon" with a "high capacity magazine" filled with "armor piercing bullets". The Usual Suspects will issue numerous press releases pushing for a federal ban of "high powered semi-automatic assault weapons". President Obama will say something remarkably vague as usual. One of his attack dogs (Clinton or Holder) will say something bold like, "We need more gun control." The NRA will release a form statement ("We're sorry for the loss, gun control won't work because the shooter already broke numerous gun control laws."). The talking heads of MSpiNBC will blame the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin. Then the real rabble will get roused and will write editorials calling for nationwide gun confiscations and bans on all guns. Conspiracy theories about false flag attacks will float about. Finally, everyone will run out and stock up on guns, ammo, and magazines.

All in all, this is the nightmare scenario for those who support the Second Amendment and the pay day of all pay days for The Usual Suspects. So gird your loins and dig in your heels, ladies and gentleman. This is going to be a long, ugly fight.


  • Reporter on FNC says that since so many shots were fired that, (paraphrasing) " had to be an automatic weapon, not a semi-automatic weapon, and automatic weapons are illegal in Arizona as they are in the rest of the country."
  • State Senator Lopez on FNC blaming violence on "tea party people".
  • The rabble is roused and blaming Sarah Palin.
  • A federal judge was among the victims.
  • The Brady Campaign takes the high road for now. No calls for bans or money, ala Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, etc.
  • Josh Sugarmann has started dancing in the blood, calling for reinstatement of the "Assault Weapons Ban".
  • Paul Helmke follows suit.
  • Gun used was not an "assault weapon", but a Glock handgun with an "extended magazine".
  • Dennis Henigan joins the dance.
  • Money Mike plugs MAIG.
  • Carolyn "Shoulder Thing That Goes Up" McCarthy wants to revive the magazine portion of the Assault Weapon Ban.
  • Mark Blumenthal conflating semi-auto guns with automatic weapons.
  • Josh Horowitz finally joins the dance.
  • Glock sales are up.

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