Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The problem with polling people about guns...

The problem with polling people about guns is that most people know nothing about guns.

I see no reason to have Metal Jacket machine guns, military ordinance nor the kind of magazines that can turn a 9mm handgun into a mini machine gun.

I like go target shooting. I have no need of a gun for defense as I live in NYC. I rent a gun.The rules here work. Illegal weapons held by Felons, are our major problem.

Can you believe that's a person who has actually held and fired a gun? That is the kind of person they poll when they ask questions like:

Therefore the polls mean nothing. It is dirty data. For all intents and purposes, you might as well ask random people their thoughts on String Theory. You'll find that the majority of Americans know as much about that as they do guns.

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