Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Hall of Fame

1. Zach Wamp - The tweet heard around the world.

2. Chris Broughton - A triple play. First, he demonstrates why you can't trust MSNBC. Second, he demonstrates that 3%ers come in colors other than caucasian. And third, he helped keep open carry in the news after...

3. William Kostric - He brought open carry to the forefront of the national media and generally caused all the anti-gunners to get their knickers in a permanent twist. That works for me

4. Tom Coburn - Senator Coburn's amendment to the credit card bill ensured that state concealed carry laws applied to national park land in that states. So now whenever an Obama supporter claims that gun rights have "expanded" under Obama, you can reply by saying, "Only because Tom Coburn made him do it."

5. Paul Markel - For this quote about compromising with gun controllers and essentially being the polar opposite of Jim Darnell: "Can you placate a lion by letting him eat only your foot?"

And that quote should be the Quote of the Year for 2009. Every time the gun controllers beg and plea with you to give in to just one more restriction, remember that quote. Refuse to offer your foot. For 2010, be stubborn like a jackass and kick that lion in the mouth. Say no to any and all legislation that is not aimed solely at those who break the law.

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