Sunday, December 6, 2009

A good "gun control" law.

Why? Because, it focuses on the criminal, not the tool, and avoids further erosion the rights of law-abiding people:

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law today to require prison time for street gang members convicted of possessing a loaded gun in a public area.

Essentially, it's not so much a gun control law as it is a criminal control law. Of course the Brady Campaign, VPC, and other usual suspects are deafeningly silent on this development as it does not aid them in their goal to disarm the populace.

Maybe there is hope for Illinois now that they no longer have Barack Obama standing up for criminals (See: "No extra penalty for gang association")

Personally, I would revise the law to not only include loaded guns, but unloaded guns and ammunition as well. I would also add a mandatory sentence length of at least 20 years to ensure that by the time they are released, their gang associates on the outside are either dead or have done something productive with their lives.


kentcabe said...
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AztecRed said...

If you're going to spam, at least spam in English.

mikeb302000 said...

You could just as easily say that law focuses on the gun. It's having the gun that makes the difference. Also you could very easily say this is exactly what the gun controllers what. It certainly does disarm people.

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