Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gov. Quinn makes another move in the right direction.

After passing a good "gun control" law, Gov. Quinn follows it up by doing something i'm a huge fan of: Keeping criminals locked up.

Via HuffPo
Gov. Pat Quinn announced today that he is ending a controversial prisons policy that accelerated good behavior credit for new inmates and led to some inmates spending just a few weeks in the state lockup.

Personally, i'm not a fan of good behavior programs. You're locked up because your bad behavior outside of prison was deemed a detriment to society. And since your good behavior inside of prison doesn't benefit society, it shouldn't be credited towards an early release back into society.

If you don't want to be in prison, try exhibiting good behavior outside of prison and avoid getting locked up in the first place.

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Bob S. said...

Absolutely right steps to be taken by the governor; good on him.

Now if we can get Texas to follow along also.

And let's try to reduce the use of plea bargaining. That has become a travesty-- too many thugs are not being held accountable for their actual crimes so that system can move them through the revolving door.

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