Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let me introduce you to Rambo.

Strong language and general idiocy warning. Not work safe:

So the next time Bloomberg, Helmke, Sugarmann, et al. get on the cross, remember Rambo.

Rambo is the guy who won't register his guns. In fact, he legally is exempt from doing so. Rambo is the guy who won't get a concealed carry permit. Rambo is the guy who won't pay higher taxes on guns and ammunition.

Rambo is the guy who shoots The Children© (who are more often than not, younger versions of Rambo). Rambo is the guy the gun controllers will never write about, but count his crimes as one of the many sins of gun owners. Rambo is what the gun controllers will call "gun culture". Rambo is the one whose burden you will carry. Rambo is the last person who will ever be blamed for gun violence.

And most importantly, Rambo is probably the reason many people own and carry guns.

If you've got the stomach for more of this idiocy, continue. But keep in mind, the Rambos of the world are more than just gang members or criminals. They are just as much enemies of your freedoms as the most brazen gun controllers.

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