Sunday, July 12, 2009

Racism and gun control meets again.

At Pandagon, a blog entry about creating sperm in a lab is as good a time as ever to complain about "paranoid, racist, NRA gun nuts". After all, they haven't had much opportunity to do so lately:

From what I can tell, all these came from the right wing press, so it isn’t hard to figure out what’s going on here. The more invested members of the dominant class are in maintaining their oppression of others, the more they have elaborate, paranoid fears that the Other will rise up and kill them one day. I have no doubt, hailing as I do from Redneckia, that the gun nut culture---at least the NRA paranoid version, not just people who like to own guns and shoot them at targets, but have no interest in worrying that Obama is going to take their guns away---stems from a deeply embedded racism. That’s why there’s so much nonsensical talk about the statistically low dangers of home invasion while you’re at home. Guess what race they imagine the home invader to be. It’s not conscious, but the ever-present fears of black criminality in this particular set of white people goes straight back to their own stranglehold on white privilege, which is so strong they assume that it will all end in violence.

Why else do you think the fears that Obama specifically will take their guns have such a hold on their imagination? You got that fear with Clinton, but not even close to the same degree. I’m lucky that I don’t spend much of my time around racist rednecks, but friends of mine who have to for work will say that yeah, it’s a fear they talk about non-fucking-stop.

Also check out the rest of their gun-related posts.

Aside from many of the posts being completely devoid of fact, it gives a good insight into the average leftist mentality behind gun control, where crime is of lesser concern than the evils of armed christian white men who all hate women and minorities.

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