Friday, July 24, 2009

Criminals, not guns, make domestic violence deadly.

A pretty gruesome story:

FONTANA -- A man is under arrest after police say he hacked his estranged wife to death with a machete.

The woman's body was found Wednesday in the back of Mimi's Hair Designs in Fontana where she worked.

Witnesses say there were 11 employees and a few customers in the salon when 39 year old Horacio Gonzalez came into the store with a machete and began stabbing his estranged wife.

Gonzalez was arrested just before 6 p.m. -- about two hours after the attack. He remains hospitalized after he apparently drank bleach, according to police Sergeant Jeff Decker.

Decker says Gonzalez , who is expected to survive, will be booked at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on murder charges once he is released from the hospital.

Court records indicate his wife had a restraining order against Gonzalez because of domestic violence and filed for divorce in March.

A child custody hearing had been scheduled for next week.

Stories like this prove that you can completely remove guns from the equation and violence will still exist. Crazed ex-lovers will not become angels overnight simply because they don't have a gun. Domestic violence is a people problem, not a gun problem. Gun violence is a symptom of that problem. And you can't fix the problem by treating the symptoms.

You can license gun owners. You can register guns. You can require them to be locked up. You can make them child-proof, "smart", and low capacity. You can allow people to buy only one gun per month. You can make them as difficult to buy as possible or even outright ban them. And you've done nothing but change the method in which violent people will kill others and make it harder for those most at risk to defend themselves.

There is no moral superiority in being stabbed to death as opposed to shot. Nor is there any moral superiority in being defenseless in the face of those who are bigger, stronger, or better armed. So until the gun controllers realize that they aren't preventing violence, but only displacing it, i'm not convinced their pursuit is a moral one.

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