Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Keep Sarah Palin's Gun Laws in Alaska"

...was the title of an e-mail I received from the Brady Campaign. The complete text follows:

Dear ******,

At noon Wednesday, the U.S. Senate will vote on legislation that would force states to allow dangerous individuals to carry loaded guns in public.

You can help us stop this legislation with a call now.

This dangerous legislation would reduce the gun laws in nearly all states to the "lowest common denominator" of the states with the weakest laws.

For example, Alaska permits residents who have committed repeated violent misdemeanors or who are sexual predators to carry a concealed weapon. They would be able to carry concealed loaded weapons in 47 other states under this new legislation.

Extending these permits to other states would be risking public safety, as well as an astounding (and hypocritical for many Senators) violation of legitimate states' rights.

The gun lobby's legislation, if passed, will make it more difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs.

Congress needs to say "NO" to the gun lobby. We don’t want to put our families and communities at more risk.

Standard Brady press. My biggest problem is with the title. Apparently they want to keep Sarah Palin's gun laws in Alaska (never mind the fact she didn't write them). How about this Brady Campaign: If we keep Sarah Palin's gun laws in Alaska, can we keep Carolyn McCarthy's gun laws in New York? Can we keep Diane Feinstein's gun laws in California? Can we keep Barack Obama's gun laws in Illinois?

It's funny how the Brady Campaign values states' rights when they can use it to obstruct pro-gun legislation, but is willing to trample states' rights in order to push anti-gun legislation. Talk about hypocrisy...

As for the risk to public safety, why hasn't Sarah Palin's gun laws been repealed? I know why they haven't been repealed. It's because they aren't a significant problem. Concealed carry holders are by far more law-abiding than the public at large and even law enforcement officers.

The anti-gunner's reaction to nationwide concealed carry reciprocity is just another manifestation of their "blood in the streets" fantasy. In reality, the only places where the blood is flowing in the streets is where the anti-gunners have had the most success.

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weerdbeard said...

I don't seem to get the Brady pressers anymore. Maybe they figured out who "Weer'd Beard" was and decided to block me.

Over at Mike's place you uncovered a common anti-gun sentiment that somehow people in anti-gun areas are somehow different (maybe even less human) than people in pro gun areas.

If Alaska has minimal problems with people carrying guns with minimal restrictions how can people in New York, New Jersey, or in my home state of Massachusetts be THAT different?

Kinda reminds me of those old Jim Crow writings that pointed out how different blacks were from whites, hence the NEED for segregation.

Bigots by any other agenda....

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