Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tom Coburn on states rights and gun control.

In a previous entry, I posted an e-mail from the Brady Campaign where they were attempting to point out the "hypocrisy" of those who supported the Thune Amendment:

"Extending these permits to other states would be risking public safety, as well as an astounding (and hypocritical for many Senators) violation of legitimate states' rights."

Senator Tom Coburn had a very good rebuttal to their claims:

"We had a vote in terms of honoring States rights in terms of the national park bill on guns. Twenty-nine of my colleagues, thirteen of whom now are 'defending States rights,' stepped all over States rights with their vote against the Coburn amendment when it came to allowing people to have supreme their State law in terms of national parks."

That basically confirms what I said in the previous blog entry. The Brady Campaign values states' rights when they can use it to obstruct pro-gun legislation, but is willing to trample states' rights in order to push anti-gun legislation.

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