Monday, July 27, 2009

Gunman opens fire on Md. cookout, injuring 12.

BALTIMORE - At least one gunman opened fire at a backyard cookout, wounding a dozen people, Baltimore police said Monday.

Maryland: Ranked #5 by the Brady Campaign for their "common sense" gun laws such as a ban on semi-automatic pistols and allowing the police to determine whether you have the privilege of defending yourself or not.

There is always talk of gun owners, store owners, manufacturers, and the "gun lobby" having a shared responsibility for gun violence, but where is the responsibility on the part of the civilian disarmament advocates? Can those 12 injured victims hold responsible the people and organizations who have lobbied to render them defenseless? If any of the victims had been denied a concealed carry permit (MD being a may-issue state), could they snuff out the police department?

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