Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christians and Guns?

From USA Today:

Police in a small Oklahoma farming community are warning local religious leaders to secure their churches after a pastor was brutally stabbed while awaiting parishioners in her church.

I really hesitated to post this for personal reasons, but with recent conversations about Christians and guns, I decided to go ahead.

The rumor is that this pastor was killed in a manner consistent with being targeted for her religious beliefs and the police are warning other local pastors they may be targeted as well.

I have to wonder what the reaction would be if the other pastors and parishioners all decided to arm themselves. We've seen how the anti-gunners react to guns in churches. From the Gun Guys blog, we can gather that it would be "chilling" and "An Insult To All Faiths and Religions". And had this pastor been shot instead of stabbed, we'd see the usual cries for more "common sense" gun laws.

They are thinking about bringing guns to church:

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