Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brady Campaign e-mail.

I've been a member of the Brady Campaign's mailing list for quite a while. The bulk of their mail is generic fear mongering and solicitations for money, but every so often I get something that just makes me think to myself, "Are they for real?" Here is one such e-mail. Emphasis mine:

You won't believe what I saw at the NRA

Dear ******,

I finished my internship at the Brady Center and it was an amazing summer. We beat the NRA in the U.S. Senate and defeated them in court in Pittsburgh and in Washington, D.C.

It was so exciting to be a part of these victories. As a Brady member, you must be very proud.

From what Brady staff told me, donor support is critical to our victories. So I want to encourage you to continue to support the Brady Center and make a tax-deductible gift today.

After our victories against the NRA, I wanted to see first-hand why so many in Congress are still afraid to stand up to the gun lobby. So the other Brady interns and I drove out to the NRA headquarters in Virginia to see what we are up against. What an experience!

The NRA's two-tower complex is filled with gun lobbyists, a museum and even a shooting range. But I couldn't find one word about the thousands of Americans killed every year by guns.

Likewise, if I were to take a trip to the Brady Headquarters (do they even have one?), i'd find absolutely no word about gun safety training or educational opportunities. And personally, I find that more disturbing considering the Brady Campaign purports itself as being concerned with the safety of the public.

The receptionist told us that the NRA won't allow him to have a gun at work, even if he wanted one. The NRA apparently thinks it's safer with its own staff unarmed in NRA headquarters. Yet the NRA is working to force loaded guns into our own workplaces, schools, and communities.

Given the Brady Campaign's tendency towards falsities, I find this highly unlikely. Especially considering nearly every NRA sponsored event allows open or concealed carry (depending on the states laws). The only time anyone is forced to disarm is if there is a presidential or vice-presidential candidate present.

Help stop the NRA's "guns for anyone, anywhere" agenda with a tax-deductible contribution to the Brady Center.

There is one of those falsities.

On our way out, we asked for a copy of the NRA's tax forms to see just how much money they have. Over $350 million in one year! Brady's budget is a fraction of that, but we still beat them because of the support of members like you who say "enough is enough."

My summer showed me how we can beat the NRA despite all its money and high-paid lobbyists. I hope you will support the Brady Center's life-saving work with a tax-deductible donation today.

I wonder if the Brady Campaign has ever put any honest thought towards why their budget is a fraction of the NRA's? Perhaps it's because the NRA just has more people on it's side.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I'm starting to realize when looking for a place to debate gun control online that essentially all people who a preaching gun control are fringe fanatics or are paid to argue for that side.

It's looking very much like our side has won.

Of course to steal a quote: "Let's Get To Work!" -Paul Helmke

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