Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hypocrisy: First Family Enjoys "No Guns In Parks" Rule.

From the Brady Campaign:
"Thanks to successful litigation by the Brady Campaign and major national parks organizations, the Obama family will be able to enjoy their upcoming visits to America's national parks protected, not only by Secret Service, but also by the Reagan Administration policy that keeps loaded guns in the hands of civilians out of national parklands.

And what exactly is the Secret Service protecting the Obama family with? Pointy sticks? Rocks? Bear spray? Loud screaming? I doubt it.

"Unfortunately, because Congress passed and President Obama signed legislation allowing weapons in national parks beginning in February, other families will be unable to enjoy the same level of security next year when loaded firearms, including semi-automatics, will be permitted in most national parks across the country.

You're right. Other families won't be able to enjoy the same level of security next year. Other families won't have armed Secret Service agents within arms reach. Unlike the Obama family, they'll have to depend on themselves for protection.

Apparently, the Brady Campaign thinks the Obama family is worthier of protection than the family of civilians. This is a good example of the elitism of gun control.

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