Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wild 100s.

Even when looking into the face of "the problem", some people will still blame law abiding gun owners.

When "the problem" is on TV remorselessly explaining how he perpetuates the cycle of gang violence, the gun controllers will be busy coming up with ways to abridge the rights of those who have been placed secret government lists.

When 13 year old kids are afraid to play outside, the gun controllers don't protest in front of the gang and drug houses. They protest in front of gun stores, Starbucks, and NRA meetings.

And that is why I will forever question the motives of the gun controllers. They claim to be working to prevent gun violence, but you never see them anywhere near those who are committing the violence. So I have to give credit to Roseland Ceasefire. They are doing the one thing you'll never see the Brady Campaign or VPC do: Confronting those responsible for gun violence as opposed to scapegoating some huge, mythical "gun lobby".


USCitizen said...

"... gun controllers don't protest in front of the gang and drug houses..."

Excellent point!!

Gun Shy Tourist said...

The writer of the above commentary had some brilliant observations about the gun control groups. Speaking of the Brady "bunch"

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