Saturday, May 29, 2010

Richard Daley understands.

An 80 year old home owner shoots an armed invader with an unregistered handgun and Richard Daley "understands":

Mayor Daley said Thursday he "understands the frustration" that prompted an 80-year-old robbery victim to purchase a handgun that he used this week to kill a home intruder.

But there is always a "but":

But the mayor said that does not mean Chicago's strictest-in-the-nation handgun ban is a mistake or a widely-ignored charade.

Both the home owner and the invader were armed with "illegal" guns. Every week people are gunned down on Chicago streets with "illegal" guns. I think it's safe to say that Chicago's handgun ban is a widely-ignored charade. Luckily the homeowner won't be charged with illegal possession of a handgun (thanks to a law Barack Obama voted against).

If Richard Daley truly understands, why has he not scrapped this widely-ignored charade of a law? Both he and his handgun ban have become the laughing stock of the country and had the home owner complied with it, he'd be dead and yet another multiple repeat offender (a product of America's "catch and release" justice system) would still be walking the streets.

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