Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liars, damn liars, and Brad Henry.

In his second veto of the Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act:

"What it does do is endanger citizens and law enforcement officers,” the governor said. "It abolishes common-sense regulations like background checks and gives criminals easy access to a wide array of weapons. This law would harm Oklahomans, not protect them.”

Nothing in the bill abolishes background checks. Nothing in the bill makes it legal for prohibited person to buy or possess a firearm. In the fact, the bill does nothing but ensure that if the federal government decides to ban shoulder things that go up, Oklahoma gun makers can still make guns with shoulder things that go up.

It's a rather toothless bill in comparison to other similar bills around the country. The provision for suppressors was taken out. There is nothing in the bill that will punish federal agents who try to enforce federal law over state law. And of course, it wouldn't allow you to build a machine gun. This was the weakest, most Milquetoast bill that could be written.

Another bad move by Brad Henry. He's just holding that door wide open for Randy Brogdon.

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